Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Anime and Drama Time

Spent two days/nights to complete the 16-episiodes Korean drama (thriller) Voice. Quite intense.

Now I am so engrossed in this new anima Darling In The Franxx.  Watched all the released 14 episodes in one shot last night.

Can go to to read the manga as well.

It is just killing me to have to wait patiently for its weekly release.

Monday, April 16, 2018


Wow.  My boy manages to snatch some really old and hard-to-find GUMDAM model kits for $100 from Hobby Point Jurong Safra today which is unfortunately having closing down sales right now.

Guess how old are they?
The big L-GAIM Mk-II is 1985.
The small L-GAIM is 2007.
Jago Doga is 1988.
Cluster Gundam is 1993.
Serpent Custom is 1998.

Most of them are older than my boy.

Sunday, April 15, 2018


BURNING CHROME:クローム襲撃 ハードカバー 
 出版社: リブロアルテ; 第1版第1刷版 (2011/11/3)

BURNING CHROME is created using digital photography with high dynamic range imaging (HDR) technique. The photographer usually takes 7-9 images in the same scenery, then stack them into one special output by digital image editing. The technique put images wider dynamic range and most of the time, images get pictorial. You may see very strong contrast in an image and also ghostly silhouette of crowd. 
It further enhances the dynamic of the images with the use of super glossy 'mirror-like' papers.

First saw this photobook at DECK last week, wanna buy but out of stock. Searched online and found a few not-so-good-condition used copies selling at Amazon Marketplace in US from $150 onwards.  Undeterred, I refined my search and finally found out that I could buy a new copy directly from the photographer through Marketplace for $60 including shipment (Though I didn't realise the seller 保坂昇寿 is the photographer the moment I made my purchase).  So when I received the package yesterday, I was surprised to see the sender was Horihisa himself, and even more delighted to find an autographed photobook.  It is lovely.  Thank you so much.

A corner of my study

Marina South Pier

We were here early in the morning for our Port Tour, an event under the yearly MPA Learning Journeys.

A brief history of Singapore port .....

These are the only photo taken. No photo is allowed inside. An eye-opening bus tour inside PSA port, and with police escort as if we are VIP 😅. This also the first time they opened PSA for public tour.

After our port tour, it is time to feed our stomach @Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill.

We ordered Classic Cheese Nachos, Chicken Chimichangas, Tex-Mex Grilled Chicken and Blackened Salmon Veracruz. The portion of the grilled chicken was quite big and I had to pass almost half of it for my boy to finish up.  So full.

For those who have serious seasickness, you may need to think twice if you wanna have meal here as you still can feel much of the motion of the sea especially when there are other boats nearing.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Hot Vs Cold

So long didn't step out the office
at the #sunsetmoment
#scorchingheat #onmywaytowork
The heat is getting more and more unbearable in mid-day.
I can't imagine how hot will be in the subsequent months.

Though not totally #free #icecream in this hot summer day and yet still worth the queue @Creamier Handcrafted, Gillman Barracks.  I enjoyed my Yuzu and Strawberry mix.

Cotard Delusion

Kill The Angel by Sandrine Dazieri.

From the wildly inventive mind of thriller master Sandrone Dazieri, whose first novel featuring investigators Colomba Caselli and Dante Torre, Kill the Father, was an international bestseller, comes the ingenious second novel in the series, Kill the Angel.

In Rome, a high-speed train hurtles into the city’s main station with a carriage full of dead bodies, the macabre discovery of which falls to Deputy Police Commissioner Colomba Caselli. Subsequently, the police receive a claim of responsibility and the threat of more murders to come. But neither Caselli nor her eccentrically brilliant ally, Dante Torre, are yet ready to buy the terrorist link.

As the two maverick investigators puncture the façade of what the perpetrator wants everyone to believe, they come close to dying several times.

Not for the first time, Dante’s bizarre childhood, during which he was kept confined for years in a concrete silo, enables him to see what others miss, and in this case, to connect with a kindred spirit of sorts, a woman named Giltine who experienced an equally bizarre childhood from which she emerged damaged, lethal, and full of murderous intent.

Adding to Giltine’s eerie fierceness is that, as the victim of a rare mental illness, she believes she’s already dead. She’s unacquainted with fear. And that makes her the most formidable foe Colomba and Dante have faced yet.

As the story climaxes, the duo finds themselves utterly on their own, on the outs with law enforcement and the only ones with a chance to make sure the waters of Venice don’t turn red with blood.
I was more interested in the state of the killer.

Giltine is the name of the goddess of death in ancient Lithuanian mythology. She has Cotard Delusion aka Walking Corpse Syndrome, a rare mental illness in which the affected person holds the delusional belief that they are already dead, do not exist, are putrefying, or have lost their blood or internal organs. In her case, the decomposition of the largest organ of human - her skin. Thus she covers her body with bandages, or otherwise applies the orange-ish scented slimy foundations especially designed to slow the decay of the flesh which is used in the field of thanatocosmetics, to beautify the corpse and give it a pleasing appearance.

The wrappings came off the arm, taking with it all the remained of the skin, along with broad gobbets of necrotic flesh.  Giltine saw the exposed muscle fibers, the bone that was practically black with rot. The odor was so pungent that her eyes teared up. ~pg423
Can imagine it must be very painful.