Monday, May 21, 2018

Chestnut Avenue Nature Trail

Spent a beautiful Sunday morning with the T.R.E.E team (Temasek Rural Exploring Enthusiasts) for a nature walk around Chestnut Park near Bukit Panjang from 09:00 till about 13:00.
Bukit Panjang MRT station

Meeting point at Pending LRT Station


Found some interesting plants and mushrooms as well.

Cannonball Tree

Dinner @Platform 1094

Family dinner at this Harry Potter themed restaurant located along 1094 Serangoon Road.   The place might be a bit ulu. Yet the foods were good and came in big portion, especially the lamp shoulder. Gosh! I was so full.

Lamp Shoulder ...... so big portion

Pesto Mayo Pork Rib & Bomb Burger

Charcoal Battered Assorted Mushrooms

Truth Venom & Meatballs

Flaming Brew