Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday, January 15, 2018

Drink Drank Drunk

Japanese Foods

Truffle Katsu Set (Limited period)

Dinner at Tonkatsu by Ma Maison @Mandarin Gallery last Saturday.
From left to right, top to bottom : Sake on the rock, Truffle Katsu set, Curry Katsudon, fried Oysters
Yummy !!!

This was a surprise.

Not knowing what to eat last Friday after work, I ventured around the Kopitiam at Buangkok and decided to just buy something from the store selling Japanese & Korean foods.

It turned out the chicken and prawns bento is pretty tasty.  I like.

Around One North

Like two big fellows challenging each other to see who is mightier.

Connexis, Symbiosis, Innosis, Kinesis .....
The naming of these commercial buildings at Fusionopolis Way are pretty fancy.

After playing around with the Snapseed app, I get these colourful and graphical HDR effects of the otherwise normal and boring building shots.

At first glance, I though they are some sort of decoration.
Actually they are for bike parking.  Nice.

Ceramic Workshop

#joyclay #joychaystudio #wessexestatesg

My virgin try with clay. Quite fun.  I was humming 'Unchained Melody' in my head to get the feel. 😅

May go back next Saturday to learn how to trim the bottom before the firing process.

Neatness is wonderful, don't you think?

Friday, January 12, 2018