Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Books:A Memoir

Despite having written almost 30 novels and being both a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and an Academy Award-winning screenwriter, Larry McMurtry has always considered himself a book collector above all.

In BOOKS: A MEMOIR, McMurtry writes about his endless passion for books: his adventures as an avid book man, from a boy growing up in a largely and unbelievably "bookless" world to one of America's most prominent bookmen with a private library of 28,000 books; and recounts with gentle humor the strange or eccentric characters and rich experiences he has encountered in his life of book-chasing (or should I call it book-scouting); and not forgetting, the books that have passed directly through his hands or through his store, Booked Up, which now occupies 6 buildings in Archer with nearly 400,000 used and rare books in stock. Whow! It's a long way to achieve this.

From the photos above, you can tell how vast is the collection. I wish I will have the chance to visit the bookstore in future, at least to pay my tribute to McMurtry.


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