Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Andrés Sandoval

Thanks to Julia of Books by Its Cover, I've come to know a Brazilian based artist, Andrés Sandoval's works. His illustrations, full of bright colour patterns and interesting shapes, are truly beautiful and inspiring. Take a look.

Tempted ?  Yes.  Just can't help it!  I've purchased 3 of his illustrated books straightaway --
Viagens para lugares que eu nunca fui, De como o mulato porciúncula descarregou seu defunto & Histórias para ler sem pressa -- from Livraria da Travessa, a bookshop in Brazil.  Though I hardly know any Portuguese. And you know what, I've also learnt a new word - Singapore in Portuguese is Cingapura, I nearly cannot find it from the pull-down list, making me wonder if my country is still unknowable to some. Haha .....

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