Thursday, March 12, 2009

Books are still an incredible technology!

This funny comic from Penny-Arcade explains that books are still an incredible - even competitive - technology.

With the unavoidable proliferation of the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader Digital Book around the globe, it is not surprised for me to encounter more and more MRT commuters do carry one. Even some people use the famed "iPod Touch" to read ebooks.  I'm still kind of resistant of using one, despite the overwhelming advantages like ultra portable, holds more than 100 ebooks, and with the substantial improvement to an eye-friendly display.

It just can't compare with the satisfaction of holding a printed book, admiring the book design, touching the papers, smelling the sweet odor, flipping and counting the pages and assessing the weight of it in your hand. Oh yes, you always want to make a peek .....

You can call me old-fashion, I don't care.  To me,, books in printed form are still the best.

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