Monday, March 30, 2009

Books Written by A Machine

Believe it or not ?  There is one such professor, Philip M Parker (born June 20, 1960) of management science at French business school, who has so-called written more than 200,000 - yes, 200,000 - books to date. How can he archive this? You ask.

Well, he achieves his prolific authorship thanks to his invention - and patenting - of
a machine which writes books, creating them from internet and database searches in order to eliminate or substantially reduce "the costs associated with human labour, such as authors, editors, graphic artists, data analysts, translators, distributors and marketing personnel". Wow! That's great!

"I think it's slightly controversial as it was written by a computer, but given the number of celebrity memoirs out there that are ghostwritten, I don't think it's too strange." ~
The Bookseller magazine

There are book vending machines, but book writing machine .....? It's still pretty odd to me.

Anyway, it would be drop dead nice if the writing machine looks like one of these prestigious steampunk laptops and keyboards created by Richard Nagy (aka
Datamancer) .

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