Thursday, March 5, 2009

Print Ad for Bookstores

Purely by chance, I have come across some print ads done recently for bookstores.....thought of sharing with all of you.

The General without his Labyrinth

The bearable lightness of being

Crime without punishment

These 3, out of 4, are for Rayuela Libreria, a bookstore in Málaga, Southern Spain.  The theme is "The act of reading allows you, thanks to your own imagination, to become whoever you want without paying for the consequences of your actions, without the remorse, that is why the copy is: live without consequences."

The following 3 are for Blossom Book House in Bangalore, India.

For age old favourites

Quite similar to the above, this one is for Book World, a second-hand bookstore in Satwa and Karama, Dubai.

Gracefully Aged Campaign

Apparently the bookstore was started by someone out of love for books, thus the very reasonably priced old books. Hmm .....

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