Saturday, May 16, 2009

Funny Stuff

I had received a computer-generated letter from our beloved National Library Board (NLB) 2 days ago stating that my 10 years old son has 2 overdue books.  The titles are Office 2007 Visual Quick Tips and $700 Billion Bailout : The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act ..... , and borrowed from Geylang East Public Library - a branch which is unknown to him, let alone borrowing book.  I though it was a mistake and just put it aside.

Only then I casually brought it up to him, and you know what, he did actually borrow these 2 books, together with another unthinkable title Technopreneurship: The Successful Entrepreneur in the New Economy.  "Oh! My god!  What on earth is going on in your mind ?" I asked.  "Why do you borrow such books ?" "The books are for you, mama."  Ouch, isn't it sweet ?  I feel incredibly heartwarming, even though 1) he had forgotten to tell me earlier, 2) I don't have the chance to read them, and 3) I am not going to read them, anyway.

They were borrowed at the book fair organized by NLB at his primary school last month.  The only question left is why the whoever-in-charge brought these obviously unsuitable books there.  How in the world do you expect primary school students to understand such profound subjects ? Office 2007, may be.  But definitely not the others.

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