Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sex Instruction Book for Toddlers

Happen to find out that there is such a controversial book, titled "Where Did I Really Come From?", which teaches children as young as two about lesbian mums getting pregnant using sperm donors.  According to the News, the book which includes in-depth descriptions of sexual intercourse, also features a drawing of two gay men holding a baby in a chapter about surrogacy.

In a chapter on assisted conception, the book tells children :
"Sometimes, a woman really wants to have a baby but she doesn't want to have intercourse with a man."
"Some women want to bring up a baby by themselves, or with another woman, so the baby gets two mums."

Surprisingly, the book was actually first penned in the early 1990s, but has been updated for this latest publication in Sept 2008.

In my opinion, kids can barely even speak properly at 2 years old, so how in the world do you expect children to understand words as big as "sexual intercourse"?  They are simply not old enough.  I think the suitable age for sex education is at least 6 years old or older.  For one thing, I'm not bias and got no discrimination against Gay and Lesbian couples, every individual has his/her own right to choose his/her sexual partner.  The only thing that is different here is that the kids have two dads or two moms, and that's all.  It's not like 'homosexual" people are freaking aliens.  (Oh! I don't think kids at 2 years old understand what is the word "homosexual" stands for.)  At least, they are not harmful.  They don't kill, do they ?  But one thing to be sure, children who are growing up in so-called "strange" environment like that, more or less, they will suffer humiliation and school bullying, making them even more unbalanced.  The majority of people (heterosexuals?!) still don't believe in gay marriage.

The author, Narelle Wickham, says the book is only trying to normalise to children that there are many ways to conceive a child. At first glance of the book cover, I would say the illustration is kind of cute and innocent.

I recall asking my 10 years old son few days ago while watching the tv series Casino :
Does he know the difference between "I want to sign your ball" and "I want you to sign my ball", when a female fan asking her basketball idol (a guy, of course) with a basketball in her hands.
He just smiled shyly.

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