Friday, June 12, 2009

New Books

I had bought the following picture books from Yun Nan Book Store during World Book Fair 2009 in Suntec last Saturday :

The prices are unbelievably dirt cheap.  Originally they would cost around SGD6.00 - SGD9.00 (which are already cheaper than the usual, btw), but they were then offered at a much much lower price due to some, to my standard, very minor discrepancies such as little bumped corners, small tears on dust jacket, rubbed spines, whereas the contents are in very good condition - clean and bright.   No complain.

I had also get a number of nicely printed Chinese picture books. ^_^

Another happy news : I had received the newly handmade zine The Dark Order of The Spooky Channel, printed as a limited run of 50 (mine is no 19), by Zeroten on the same day.  The palettes, mixed collaged textured elements with strong flat colors and pencil drawings are real bright and interesting. Each zine also comes with 1) it's own unique code name, which will enable you to be an official member of The Spooky Channel, receiving access to secrets, competitions and freebies exclusive to TSC members; 2) a cd which you should listen to while looking at the images.  One last thing, I simply like the wax seal on the envelope (I couldn't bear to spoil it, thus opening the envelope sideways). 

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