Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wunderkammer {2}

Click here for photos of the debut exhibition at Polymath & Crust.

The exhibition is really fantabulous.  I couldn't refrain myself from shooting almost all the displays, which supposedly might have frightened Karen, the owner who was stationed there.  The very first installation that grasp your eyes once you climb up to 3rd floor is a big bird cage stuffed with crumpled papers with a hand in white glove sticking out, and even more crumpled papers scattered on the floor forming a 'trail' till the top of a wall.  Nice work !  I also like the ways they present the cuttle-fish and Ginseng, especially the descriptions. (Ginseng, the trapped human, .......  The cuttle-fish fell in love much too often ......)

There is a line of old-fashion cooking pans filled with different ingredients like walnuts, mushrooms, sea stars, cordyceps, etc.  There are wooden crates with various types of huge dried mushrooms inside.  There are many bottles, chemical flasks and tubes containing questionable but pretty-looking liquids and/or substances such as the Alpine Iceberg samples.  I didn't have the chance to ask Kenny or Karen if they are the real things.  And many others.  I also found bunches of rusty wrought irons cut in even length there, making me wonder how many 'barang-barang' do they keep in advance for exhibition ?  Their workplace must be cramped with tons of unused and scrapped items like Karung Guni (gunny sack).

Anyway, to cut it short, I was impressed and would love to see more exhibitions in the future.

Of course, I shopped around afterwards.  These are hand-bound notebooks with different meaningful passages type-written on the cover.  Costs SGD4.00 ea.

One particular Book to take note and will buy later (I've far too many books under my To-Read-List at the moment) is The Anatomist: A True Story of Gray's Anatomy (Hardcover) .

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