Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Library

My humble library is recently posted in yourshelves.com, a special project of kimbooktu.com, which open for submission for all booklovers around the globe to provide a sneak peep into their personal reading room or library, big or small.  There are only 2 submissions, including mine, from Singapore thus far.  I would love to see more.

2nd RCT

As scheduled, I undergone my 2nd round of Root Canal Treatment last Saturday. This round I could feel the acute pain the moment the dental files penetrating deep down within. If not my dentist apply some more anesthetic, I would definitely cry out when he used that hard files to poke and scratch around removing and cleaning the root canals. But I sweated around my forehead. Ughhh ...... I was worried as hell! My jaw was also sored afterwards from having my mouth stayed open for an hour plus.

And the
GOOD ? news is that, due to some complications - it seemed that the inner part of one of my root canal had somehow solidified - my poor dentist was unable to dig and clean it out thoroughly, but to apply medicine, cover the tooth with temporary filling., and wait and see. Meaning ..... I have to go for one more round of the treatment this coming Saturday. Oh gosh ! I just wish this will be the last round. No more drilling, digging, poking, scratching, whatever .....It is truly scary when you come to think about it.

To enlighten you, youtube has a very good and simple
video introducing RCT. ^_^;

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Purchase

I bought 4 used books while hanging around at China Square Central after work last night.  They are :

  1. The Bastille Falls  |  Simon Schama  |  Pocket Penguins 70's series
  2. Otherwise Pandemonium  |  Nick Hornby  |  Pocket Penguins 70's series
  3. Assassination!  |  John Cottrell   |  Four Square
  4. The How & Why Wonder Book of Dinosaurs  |  Merrill (for my incredible)

All cost SGD3 each.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Harvard Business Lessons Learned series

Thanks to Joseph, all these Kelly Blair's designs for the Harvard Business Lessons Learned series really change my stereotype impression that business books are "ugly".  These designs are clean and neat.  A pity that business books just not for me.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


During my train ride this morning, a lady sitting beside me is engrossed in reading a hardback.  I don't know what is the title, only manage to take down these 2 passages :

"Hi" I say without really looking up.
"Hello" He says, hovering over my right shoulder, "What are you reading about?"

Seems that I got nothing better to do ha .....

The past 2 weeks I was not in any good mood to read, only fighting hard to peep and glance through some light essays and short stories on and off here and there, as I was in real pain suffering from tooth nerve infection  (aka root canal infection)  and couldn't sleep well.  Had undergone a round of endodontic treatment last Saturday, and now waiting for a second treatment this coming weekend.  I just hope that everything goes according to plan.  The treatment fee of SGD600 is really bitting on me..... I can buy a lot more books with this sum. Errr .....

Amidst my pains, another problem was that my incredible didn't go to school for the past whole week.  Both my hubby and I weren't aware that he had missed classes from Tuesday onwards until his form teacher called me out-of-the-blue on Thursday late afternoon. When asked, he just said that he wasn't feeling well - bleeding nose on Tue, stomach-ache on Wed, nausea and fever on the subsequent days, which were undoubtedly suspicious. I repeatedly reminded him that he must ask me before he could call in sick.  He still didn't attend his classes for another 2 days this week and lied to me, which made me very angry and disappointed, so I temporarily cancelled off the subscription of Starhub's Kids channel as penalty.  After much coax last night, we finally squeezed out some information ..... apparently, his school-mates refused to play hide-and-seek with him on that particular Monday without any reason, he was mentally hurt, making him not wanting to go to school which will have to face his school-mates, so and so forth.  What can I say ? Nowadays, kids are hyper-sensitive, man.  Without any obvious solution right now, I have no choice but to personally bring him to school 3 hours earlier before I go to work for the time being, and have requested his form teacher to keep an eye as well, hoping that he will eventually realize that it's no big deal.  Your friends don't always play with you, right ?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Night Festival

Thanks to Night Festival, the three museums around the Brash Basah precinct were opened till 2am on Fri 10 & Sat 11 July 2009.

I finally visited The National Museum of Singapore on Saturday night, free-of-charge some more, for the exhibition of renowned Danish designer and architect Verner Panton (1926–1998)'s collected works. Very provoking and imaginative, full of bold shapes and bright colors. It was pity that we couldn't step into his innovative piece "Phantasy landscape Visiona 2"  (the above) to have a feel.

The other interesting installation is
The Crystal City by local artist Donna Ong. This beautiful and illusionary glass city is created using ordinary everyday objects such as crystal bottles, jars, cups, bowls and decanters. With amber lights shining through their faceted surfaces, it creates amorphous patterns that shift and change when the lights dim and brighten. Nice!

Unfortunately it was raining on and off that night, which spoilt the open air flea market outside and inside the courtyard of SAM.  All sheltered little corners were jammed with people, goods, carts, tables, hangers, whatever (you could imagine)..... waiting for the rain to stop. Bargains still went on under such circumstances, and I bought myself an expensive looking satin blouse for a mere SGD10.  Who was I to complain ?

Click here for more photos.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cute Hitler

Here are two hilarious illustrations of Hitler by Arthur Szyk, a fervent anti-nazi chap.

Look at those popping eyes! Eerie ......

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Codex Fejérváry-Mayer

This is only one of the many beautiful images of Codex Fejérváry-Mayer posted by peacay @ Bibliodyssey.  Oh Mind! I just love the shapes and colours.

Codex Fejérváry-Mayer is a 15th or early 16th century Aztec (or Mixtec) manuscript on deer skin from Veracruz in central Mexico. Named for a Hungarian collector and British patron, this pre-Columbian accordion-style document outlines the cosmological and calendrical orientations of the Mayan people. As a typical calendar codex tonalamatl dealing with the sacred Aztec calendar -- the tonalpohualli -- it is grouped in the Codex Borgia group.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Post Museum @ Little India

I've heard about this place and wanted to visit quite a while ago, but for some reasons never get round to it till yesterday.  I brought my son to Little India with the intention to first visit The Museum of Shanghai Toys (MOST) and then to Post Museum since both are situated at Rowell Road.

Too bad, we were out of luck.  MOST was closed for stock-taking (from a note pasted on the door), but what I was told later by the friendly owner of Food #03, the Vegetarian Café at Post Museum was that MOST is short of manpower and unable to maintain the official opening hours for the time being.  Whoever wants to visit, it is recommended to call MOST first.

So we settled down at Food #03 to have a nice steamy Cappuccino (for me, of course), and a deliciously mixed apple juice and later on another can of green tea for my incredible.  He really was very thirsty. The sun is hot, like a giant spotlight, lah lah lah .......  We tried their deep-fried mushroom and liked it.  If not we already had a sumptuous lunch, I would love to order some other yummy-sounding foods. The nice owner also opened the exhibition hall next door an hour earlier for us.  Lovely !

Some more photos here.