Friday, August 28, 2009


Overheard from Class 95FM Radio few days ago :

"Electricity is from electron, right ?"  Yes.
"So, morality is from moron ?"  Urh .....

Friday, August 21, 2009


This latest edition of George Orwell's 1984 by Penguin is really attractive. It is designed by gray318. His works include Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Everything is illuminated, Backstory : Inside the business of news, A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian, to name a few, which are eye-catching designs as well. He is using the iconic language of Orwell's classic on the front and back covers. The title only appears on the spine. Perfect.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What does it means puberty ?

Answer by a kid :
"Goodbye to my boyhood, and look forward to adultery." XD

Not my son, though.

Talking About Copyright

2 weeks ago, Julia of Book By Its Cover had posted a sad story about a graduate student from Falmouth University in the UK named Samantha Beeston had stolen one of my favourite artist, Lauren Nassef's drawings and used them in her own work. She even won an award from Texprint, which should have already been revoked by now, for pattern designs filled with Lauren’s drawings which she claimed as her own. She incredibly went out of her way to create a fake sketchbook too. Wow! A thorough rip-off of one's hard work.

With the help of her copyright lawyer friend, Julia has came up with some answers about copyright protection. Though some of them, to my understanding, are floating in grey area - no hard and fast rules. But roughly you get an idea.

Below is an example of fair use Parody

This is a spoof ad for a Naked Gun film featuring star Leslie Nielsen’s face on a look-alike of photographer Annie Leibovitz’s famous photo of a pregnant Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Another artist, Björnik, also one of my favorite, are facing similar problems. At the SGTCC held last week, I did ask him why he put his hand on all his "older" artworks showcasing in Deviantart that, in my opinion, not only did not really fit in, but somehow "spoilt" the pieces. He told me the whole idea was to prevent others from using his artworks without his consent. There were 2 cases that someone, representing an agency?, was trying to get a much higher resolution of his works thru email. But later he found out that the 'actual' recipients are kids at 17,18. Fishy, right? Anyway, his pen and ink style is highly distinctive and identifiable. You can tell this is his work if you see one.

With these kind of outrageous incidents happening here and there, I still think that internet is a very good, convenient and important way to expose your works, to meet other great artists and sharing interests. It widens people's abilities to share GOOD works in GOOD ways.

My thumb of rule is make sure I remember to credit the owner with a line likes "courtesy to ....." at the bottom if I'm putting his/her works in my blog for reference/discussion/sharing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Creative Bookshelves

I have came across these 2 interesting floating bookshelves today when googling around searching for some robust, heavy-duty metal wall-mount shelves to replace my existing bookcases in my study room.

Conceal Wall-Mount Bookshelves at Smart|Furniture at USD22 per set of 2.

Flybrary Bookshelf by Umbra at USD30 pp.

Altered Books for Techie Toys

Thanks to Michael of bookpatrol.  These newfound altered books designed by BustedTyprewriter are really cool.  You can hide and carry your new techie-toys and even cash in them.  Cost is USD25 each.

The below is just what my mum needs.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


The long awaited 2nd Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention has finally kicked off. Run for 3 days from 14-16 August 2009 at suntec Hall 401 & 402, this round it is much bigger than the previous year. Leading artists like Brian Bolland, Gary Baseman, Joe Ledbetter & Tan Eng Huat are invited to showcase their works. But the real joy for me is having the chances to meet one of my favorite artist Otto Björnik from Philippines (I love his unique styled, precisely detailed pen & ink sketches) and to see more cool, interesting artworks by artists that I'm not aware of by then.

There are tons of Transformer toys for sale. All versions of Optimus Prime ever released are on display too. As expected, my incredible is drooling over the ROTF Leader Optimus Prime and Jetfire that can be combined into one giant robot, which I admit, is by all means very attractive. I'm set to get these two for his birthday. The other exhibit highlight is the specially customized Blythe dolls by renowned Japanese designers. I just can't take my eyes off all those adorable, gorgeous, pretty dressed dolls. They are so Kawaii !!!

(More images here)

I've bought a number of postcards and sketchbooks/zines.

12 B&W postcards by Björnik. I've make sure to get him to sign for me. His original art pieces are absolutely much much better than what we see on his website. The tone and texture are so detailed fine on the A3 size acid-free paper. I couldn't help but get in very close, may be too close, to scan through his works. XD

Psyk a sketchbook : Slightly Magic. All about nightmares by Singapore artist, Lindy Lou. Do go to to view her works. Her Pandachan, an angelic little girl, is down right cute.

"Future" A collection of hand drawn artworks by Art:Tech from Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. Interesting techno pen line drawings.

The following are from Malaysia-based artists.

A Love letter by Chin Yew, which can actually be mailed out, of course, to your love one.

Still Life by I-Ming. A diary about a boring day just like everyone of us at some point some time.

Various Drawings by Tan Eng Huat, who has penciled and inked many well-known titles such as Doom Petrol, The Authority, JLA, Batman:Journey Into Knight, Silver Surfer : In Thy Name, Ghost Rider, etc. Simply look at his works and you will know why.

4th Dimension (a Chinese comic novel) by Zhang Zhen Yi 張振怡 aka Octopus. A creepy story of a man repeatedly wakes up from one nightmare to another nightmare. Haha!

Lastly, some postcards by local artist Wahid (Wirehead).

Friday, August 14, 2009

Going Gaga Over Gaga

My youngest sister and I, always the 2 of us anyway, went to Lady Gaga live concert at Fort Canning Park 2 nights ago. It was free as she happened to have won a pair of tickets, courtesy to FM98.7.

The queuing and waiting were horrible. Supposingly, the concert should have started at 8.00pm but was delayed by another hour. It was indeed an overly "sold out" show with 10,000 crazy folks getting ready to party the night away. Hoohah ..... It was quite high. A pity that my sis had to leave earlier, barely half an hour after the concert started.

Surely, you are already all too familiar with her awesome beat songs - Beautiful Dirty Rich, Just Dance, Poker Face, Paparazzi, Love Game, Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say), The Fame, etc etc. I’ve been hearing these songs left and right from all the radio stations.

The sexy dance-floor diva really know how to "please" the audiences. She kept saying she love singapore. "Singapore, sing, sing alone. Sing, sing, Singapore". A lot of "mother fucking" as well. I can't remember the exact words she said but this sticks to my mind : "Don't forget to follow your dreams. Always be yourself. Do you know what you could tell them when they tell you that you're not right? You tell them Lady Gaga says to fuck off."

I came to know that she used to be a stripper before she shot to fame with her funky single. Not surprisingly, she was flaunting quite a bit of her body with skimpy but kooky costumes (skin-color undies?) during the whole show. I would bet that she was like wearing nothing from far. The best was when she performed the acoustic version of Poker Face. She happily climbed up squatted down on the stool and played the piano with her sexy butt facing the audiences. Wow! Nice ass. The part when she used her slender thigh to tackle the piano was so fuckingly stunning.

Lady Gaga rocks !

For those who have missed the concert, you can view it at youtube now.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Books

Just talked about refraining myself from buying more new books for the time being, then I realized I had bought another 4 books at the outdoor bazaar held by Carrefour at Singapore Plaza yesterday. They were having these 10 dollar book sales.  Have I failed to emphasize I love cheap book sales ? Oh gosh! What the h..... Uh! Let it be.

My prizes ?  They are :
  • Kenny & The Dragon by Tony Diterlizzi (hardcover)
  • Smash! Crash! (Jon Scieszka's Trucktown) (hardcover)
  • The Reapers by John Connolly (paperback)
  • The Book of Lies by Brad Meltzer (hardcover)

I haven't read any thriller for quite some time, and now I could re-indulge myself into the suspenceful atmosphere.  For Kenny & The Dragon, I simply love Tony's beautiful pencil sketches.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Quick Notes

Lately, I was pretty tied up with works and other personal matters, together with some unexpected and unsolved "problems" using Safari in Mac to create new post in blogger recently (The whole bar for fonts, indentation, attaching images is no where to be seen, not even the edit html and compose tags. I'm in fact using IE to write this particular post.), thus the lack of updates for almost 3 weeks. It may take a little while more ......

Some quick notes, though :

My RCT was over. Hopefully, the tooth will at least last for a long while.

Though I hardly have time to visit bookstores, it doesn't stop me from buying online. My latest purchases, besides few more mangas, are
On Spines and Memories by Ed Marquand, the first volume in a new series by Marquand Editions, limited to 500 copies with less than 200 being offered for sale, and Chinese Zodiac, a beautiful handmade book created by Michael Wertz that I drooled about more than a month ago.

With my parents going to stay with me for at least 3 years plus until their new 3-room flat is ready, I have to re-install a multi-unit system 3 air-conditioner as the compressor for my old unit was malfunction quite a while ago, which means I have no choice, but to pack all my books, shift out my computers and mini combo, and dismantle almost half of my bookcases for the refurbishment of the piping and trunking that unavoidably run from one wall to the other wall near the floor of my library. Due to my flat's structural layout and the existing electrical cables , I couldn't lay them otherwise. This is really killing me. With all these, I'm seriously considering of buying new bookcases for replacement since the shelves of the old bookcases, Billy from Ikea, are really in bad shapes. They all warped not long after use.

I'm trying hard to refrain myself from (impulsive?) buying more new books for the time being. I don't dare to go to Kino, especially when the main store is now celebrating its 10th anniversary with 20% discount for members these few days. How could I resist if I'm there ? But I truly don't want to miss the 10th Library Book Sale on 22 & 23 August 2009 at Singapore Expo. Every single book will only cost me SGD2.00 each. Like the past, I'm destined to attack the hardback picture books at the 'Children' section. Each customer can only buy up to a maximum of 60 items. My trick ? I would quickly choose my most desired 60 hardbacks, queue up, make payment, then head straight and pass the loads to nearby Singpost counter (an adhoc setup for such occasion) for home delivery. Then, I start my second round. Ha ha ......

Well, these are just about all right now.