Monday, October 12, 2009

{ prologue }

Gone to ION Orchard 2 days ago, at last, with my main intention to visit the new bookstore { prologue } in this trendy, up-market shopping mall, after its grand opening in July this year.  As everyone already knows , lots of high fashion stores here.  My interesting finds are 1) Opera Gallery at level 3, which showcases a number of contemporary art pieces by modern masters and rising artists from the world 2) L’Atelier by The Hour Glass, also at level 3. I simply love the impressive collection of antique watchmaking tools and machines displayed in the store. So what if I couldn't afford those precious timepieces. This doesn't stop me from appreciating finer things in life.

Now back to Popular's new venture.  { prologue } is situated at one corner on level 4.  Not as big as what I'd imagined. it does offer a good selection of graphic novels and magazines, a very big chunk is in English, mostly on Entertainment, Fashion, Health & Fitness, Sports, Hobbies, Photography, iphone - the norm as I can say.  I didn't find a single literary magazine there. English fictions and non-fictions are adequate.  Chinese books are miserably insufficient .... why not leave out all those supplementary educational materials, which take up a huge space, and expand the Chinese books section.  You don't deliberately go to Orchard to buy primary or secondary assessment books for your children, right?  At least not for me.  Arguably, anyone with a common sense will just hit any Popular bookstore in the neighbourhood shopping centre , or go straight to bras basah complex, for the purpose. 

Anyway, the highlight to me is the myriad of fancy stationery, scrapbooking and gift items at level 5. I find lots of beautiful goodies.  The prices are reasonable as well.

This beautiful girl is at the level 5 entrance from the carpark.

A naked dinosaur with a bow-tie, and of course books,
at the main entrance.
Why a dinosaur, then I don't know lah!
May be, just may be, this dinosaur eats books.

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