Monday, May 31, 2010

Cameron Highlands

Here are the photos of our 3 days 3 nights trip to Cameron Highlands, a highland region in Pahang, Malaysia during the recent long weekend. We visited the tea plantation, strawberry farm, vege farm, bee farm and more farms. Overall, it was quite relaxing. There was not much to do in the evenings except shopping at the nearby pasar malam, so we kept ourselves entertained by watching tv. One thing that I couldn't stand is the coach's aircon. The coach is brand new, so it was pretty cold even at the lowest setting. Oh Gosh! Another thing that eventually made me and my incredible sick to our stomach were the foods. Not because they tasted bad. Imagine having at least a 7-course meal like those normally served at wedding dinners twice per day, continuously for 3 days, you will likely feel nauseous by just looking at them!

OK. That's about all.

There are many more interesting and tempting foods offered at the pasar malam. Fresh/dried strawberry, handmade ice-cream, fried mushrooms and veges, barbecued jagung (sweet corn), bubble teas, murtabak ayam, chocolates, burgers, etc etc. This charcoal grilled whole chicken only costs 22 ringgit. If not we will be having dinner very soon, I'd definitely give it a try.

There are a lot of funny shaped cactus at Cactus Valley. Here are only few of the varieties.


Cameron Bharat Tea Plantations.

For city kids who never ever see live chicken and turkey, now you know how they look like.

Found this rustic car near a wet market when we stopover for breadfast in the first morning.

4D, anybody ?

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  1. I agree that a seven-course meals at every meal is too much for a normal appetite but not for a foodie I like me. I put up at a grand Cameron Highlands hotel and after long treks was ravenous.