Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kuching, The Cat City

Photos of our 6 days 5 nights rest and relax trip to Kuching, Sarawak are now ready for viewing.

I didn't really plan my itinerary in advance this round, with only a vague impression that I should visit the famed Kuching Waterfront. So I had chosen Batik Boutique Hotel bcoz of its location, and the room looks cozy from the website. It turned out worthwhile. The staffs were friendly and helpful, the room was nice and comfy, the breadfast was fine as well.

First day was spent along Jalan Main Bazaar where you would find local handicrafts - beads, batik clothes, accessories, T-shirts, souvenirs, and local delicacies such as Kuih Lapis, Tebaloi (soga snack), Tuak (rice wine), freshly roasted coffee, pepper sweets, etc etc. I bought quite a bit to taste before I could decide what to bring back for my hunger-striven dear colleagues. Wahaha .....

2nd day - half day at Sarawak Culture Village
3rd day - Kuching Waterfront, Courthouse, Carpenter Street (aka Atap Street), Cruise. Watched Movie 'Legend of the Fist - The Return of Chen Zhen'
4th day - Sunday Market, Cat Museum, The Spring- the latest and biggest shopping mall in Kuching, and watched another Movie 'Reign of Assassins'
5th day - shopping day. Bought Kuih Lapis, Tebaloi, and 5 kgs of Kolo Mee.
6th day - home sweet home

Room 204, two single beds suite facing courtyard, inlcuding ipod docking station, a mini bar (FOC) and breadfast.

Kuih Lapis. Most of them are poisonously colorful. To me, the yellow one at the right hand side tastes the best.


Kolo Mee

Sarawak Culture Village

As you can see, the staircase of these ethnic houses is actually carved out from tree trunk. Quite scary in a way. My incredible didn't dare to climb this one.

My favourite cafe at the Old Courthouse complex. The decor reminds me of the kopitiam at our very own Raffles Hotel.

Little Lebanon is another restaurant at the Old Courthouse.
This turkish coffee is the worst ever coffee i had thus far. It was damn salty. A sip already made me want to puke. Oh gosh! What kind of coffee is this ?
Directly opposite Little Lebanon is carpenter street (aka Atap Street). Lots of goldsmiths and pawn shops along the street. I ordered my handmade kolo mee from a friendly stall owner, Mr Lim here.

Sunday Market, highly recommended by the hotel's staffs. Basically, you can buy all sorts of fresh veges, fruits, groceries, flowers, plants, pets, clothings, and many others at this market, which open only on Sunday from early till about 1pm.

That's about it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Foot Massage

These was fun. S$18 for 15 mins at 313@Somerset. Worth a try.


This is my new tattoo - a mortified biohazard sign. DOB is 18.09.2010. :-P

I'm planning to have a big one on my back. Though still have yet to decide on the design. Let's wait and see.

On Reading

Just a little update on what i've read, or flipped through, during these few absent weeks.

Finishing, left a few chapters, is Mortification: Writers' Stories of Their Public Shame.

Completed during one long weekends is Postcard Killers, by James Patterson and Liza Marklund. Perhaps of its short sentences in short paragraphs in short chapters. An easy read.

Other than these, have digested quite a number of manga. :)