Friday, February 18, 2011

Hansel & Gretel, & others

I bought this picture book (in French) at Monument Books in Cambodia. I was simply stunned by the beautiful black & white brush illustrations by Lorenzo Mattotti.

Lovely, aren't they ?

I also get these few :
- Looking At Angkor
- Buddha's Parami with paintings by Cambodian painter Chhim Sothy.
- Fire + Iron by Bill Burke
- Star Fish (Publisher :
- Life is just a chair of bowlies by Mari Engelbreit (used)
- The Literate Cat : A Photographic Celebration (used)
- Ansel Adam : Yosemite & the Range of Light (used)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Discovery Cambodia Part VI : Street 240

Street 240 is a must go. There are a unique collection of quality boutiques and souvenir shops (waterLily Boutique, Couleurs D'Asie, Elsewhere, Mekong Quilts, Mekong Creations & others) as well as few restaurants, bars, wine shops, and most importantly, bookstores.

Located at Norodom Blvd, just off street 240, Monument Books is the largest new book store in Phnom Penh. There is a Blue Pumpkin outlet, which offer freshly baked breads and pastries at the 2nd level and Monument Toys at 3rd level. I just dumped my incredible there so i could take my own sweet time to slowly browse the shelves at ground floor.

Boston Book Company is my favorite used bookstore in Phnom Penh. Providing affordable books, internet access, and coffee, this is a sure hangout for me. At least, I had visited the bookstore twice.
Bargain Books selling at USD1/2 at outdoor area with a small water fountain in the centre.
Indoor ground floor .....

stair to 2nd level

Another used bookstore along street 240 is D's Books, offering reasonably priced and comprehensively stocked of English fiction, non-fiction and children's books.

'This world is a book people who dont travel only get to read one page.' How true!

Open Book is an NGO-run public library with a mission to promote the pleasure of reading. Though the primary audience is local, Open Book also welcome people of all nationalities. Life-time membership is usd15.00 and can be passed down to your offspring. The library opens 7 days a week, 10am-5pm.

Discovery Cambodia Part V : Accommodation

Amazingly, we have a chance to stay at all the three places of the same hotel group in Phnom Penh and Seam Reap. They are Frangipani 60's, Frangipani 90's and Frangipani Villa.

The balcony of our suite room No. 117 at Frangipani 90's.

Our suite room No. 11 at Frangipani 60's.

Breakfast at Frangipani 60's.

Breakfast order form.
Here is it.
Breakfast at Frangipani Villa, Seam Reap.

The hotels are centrally located, so fairly easy and fast to go places with tuk-tuk. Rooms are clean, nice smelling. Staffs are friendly and very helpful. Basically, my bus tickets to and fro Phnom Penh/Seam Reap, pick-ups at stations and last minute reservations were arranged by them. Thank you. Besides breakfast, each guest is entitled to a free laundry of one trouser/skirt and shirt per day. Save me a lot of trouble. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Discovery Cambodia Part IV : On the street & beyond

Believe it or not, I had bought a pack (usd1.00 plus) of mixed deep-fried insects as titbit during my ride to Seam Reap. Oh. Sedap! Even the other passengers, a young couples from London and a germany guy, dared to give it a try.
I kind of like to explore the back lanes that are hidden behind those hip, pricey boutiques on the main streets, where the locals live.

This bowl of instant noodle costs 2500 riel (abt 60 cents in usd). Nice & cheap.

This definitely not for me. I don't even want to try. Looks yucky & slimy.
This is my favourite store for a plate of MeeHar (Mee as in mee siam, Har as in cantonese 蝦)- fried noodle with veges & pork/beef. Yummy yummy!!! Costs only 6000 riel (usd1.50) per plate, and with free wheat tea.