Saturday, March 5, 2011

A little reading update

Actually, during my holiday at Cambodia, I had read two books as well. They are The Reader by Bernhard Schlink and Prey by Michael Crichton.

The Reader is about the story of Michael Berg, a German lawyer who as a 15-year-old teenager in 1958 had an affair with an older woman (36-year-old), Hanna Schmitz, who then disappeared only to resurface years later as one of the defendants in a war crimes trial stemming from her actions as a guard at a Nazi concentration camp. Michael realizes that Hanna is keeping a personal secret she believes is worse than her Nazi past—a secret which, if revealed, could actually help her at the trial, even in the face of a life sentence. Her secret : she is illiterate and has concealed it her whole life. That's why she made Michael read her literary works he was studying after having sex in her apartment. The ending is sad. Hanna hanged herself the very day of her release, with Michael waiting for her at the prison with flowers.

If you ask me, Prey is indeed a very fascinating read. The novel is based on a nano-robotic threat to human-kind. In short, it is about the 'worrisome' developments in science and technology; which in this case, nanotechnology, genetic engineering and artificial intelligence.

I came across this book quite accidentally. I was idling and resting at the lobby area one evening after a tiresome tour for the whole day. Thought of flipping through something light, so i went to explore the little bookshelf nearby for magazines in mind. Saw this book, picked it up, glanced through a few pages, and get hooked immediately. No turning back since that moment. Oops!

MALL's illustrations

An illustrator from Philippines, May Ann Licudine's lovely, sweet illustrations always remind me of fairy tales or children's stories.

I especially like her soothing B&W artworks.