Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Teeny Weeny Update

The past few weeks had seen me reading two Kathy Reichs' crime fictions, Monday Mourning and 206 Bones. Finished the second book last night, and i intend to borrow some more from the library.

I like Chapter 1 of 206 bones. Here are the excerpt :




I opened my eyes.

To dark. Black as arctic winter.

Am I dead?

Obeying some limbic command, i inhaled deeply.

Smells registered in my brain.

Mold. Musty earth. Something organic, hinting at the passage of time.

Was this hell? A tomb?

I listened.

Silence. Impenetrable.

But no. There were sounds. Air moving through my nostrils. Blood pounding in my ears.

Corpses don't breathe. Dead hearts don't beat.

Other sensations intruded. Hardness below me. Burning on the right side of my face.

I raised my head.

Bitter bile flooded my mouth.

I shifted my hips to relieve pressure on my twisted neck.

Pain exploded up my left leg.

A groan shattered the stillness.

Instinctively, my body went fetal.. The pounding gained volume.

I lay curled, listening to the rhythm of my fear.

Then, recognition. The sound had come from my own throat.

I feel pain. I react. I am alive.

But where?

Spitting bile, I tried reaching out. Felt resistance. Realized my wrists were bound.

I flexed a knee toward my chest, testing. My feet rose as one. My wrists dropped.

I tried a second time, harder. Neurons again fired up my leg.

Stifling another cry, I struggled to force order onto my addled thinking.

I'd been bound, hands to feet, and abandoned. Where? When? By whom? Why?

A memory search for recent events came up empty. No. The void in recollection was longer than that.

I remembered picnicking with my daughter, Katy. But that was summer. The frigid temperature now suggested that it must be winter.

Sadness. A last farewell to Andrew Ryan. That was October. Had I seen him again?

A bright red sweater at Christmas. This Christmas? I had no idea.

Disoriented, I groped for any detail from the past few days. Nothing stayed in focus.

Vague impressions lacking rational form or sequence appeared and faded. A figure emerging from shadow. Man or woman? Anger. Shouting. About what? At whom?

Melting snow. Light winking off glass. The dark maw of a cracked door.

Dilated vessels pounded inside my skull. Hard as I tried, I could not evoke recollection from my semiconscious mind.

Had I been drugged? Suffered a blow to the head?

How bad was my leg? If I managed to free myself, could I walk? Crawl?

My hands were numb, my fingers useless. I tried tugging my wrists outward. Felt no give in my bindings.

Tears of frustration burned the backs of my lids.

No crying?

Clamping my jaw, I rolled to my back, raised my feet, and jerked my ankles apart. Flames roared up my left lower limb.

Then I knew nothing.

I awoke. Moment later? Hours? No way to tell. My mouth felt drier, my lips more parched. The pain in my leg had receded to a dull ache.

Though I gave my pupils time, they took in nothing. How could they adjust? The dense blackness offered not a sliver of light.

The same questions flooded back. Where? Why? Who?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Melting Rainbows

These beautiful rainbows by Japanese Artist Taisuke Koyama小山泰介 will simply melted your monday blues away.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Something for you to think over........

via: I like it here.

If you are looking for the love of your life, stop; They will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love.
Travel often; Getting lost will help you find yourself.

Friday, April 15, 2011


A wander on google searching for something 'exotic' (don't ask me why), have yielded these fabulous and sexy penguin covers for Ian Fleming’s Bond novels. The series, total 14 books, was published in year 2008. The fabulous arts are by illustrator Michael Gillette. Oh La La.

They are bloody irresistible.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Work of Keiichi Tanaami 田名網敬一

His abstract, colorful works will just blow your mind away.

Monday, April 4, 2011

UFO-inspired Artworks

Love these fantastic arts by Uruguayan artist Alexandro Garcia (born 1970). I've archived quite a few of his works in my hdd for quite a while. Thanks to Will for the lead.