Sunday, November 27, 2011

Woods In The Books No2

Because of Affordable Art Fair, and because of heavy downpour out there, I get stuck at Millenia Walk, a place that I hardly go on last Sunday. So me and my incredible decided to explore the shopping mall to kill time. To my astonishment, Woods In The Books, an indie bookshop specialises in picture books has open a second outlet there. Nice.

Though I had refrained myself to buy those truly lovely picture books for now ;-( (space, space, space!!! Doesn't all humble booklovers like me always face this problem?) , I still purchased two small books as a consolation.

These are the books. is is an independent travel guide showcasing alternative lifestyle in Singapore. What Gives Us Our Names, is one of Babette's Feast titles published by MATH PAPER PRESS during Singapore Writers Festival 2011. MATH PAPER PRESS is a small press publishing by BOOKSACTUALLY that deals with short experimental novellas, poetry and essays. I really salute Kenny & Karen, the lovely and friendly booksellers, who dedicate wholeheartedly in supporting local authors, and making the reading scenes in Singapore more interesting.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meticulous Art II

Joe Fenton's artworks not only detail and gorgeous, but also make you feel fantasy, as there are lots of interesting creatures in his works.

Meticulous Art

Discover these incredibly detailed artworks using dip pen and Indian ink by Latvian artist Aleksejs Konahins. Phew !

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Future Science

Very fascinating ! This is indeed a more 'accessible' and readable summary of the latest thinking/theories and discoveries by eighteen bright and innovative young researchers. At least, for general audiences like most of us, except Anthony Aguirre's essay about infinity which really made me cracked my head and to no where far. ;-(

I personally favor Daniela Kaufer and Darlene Francis's "Nurture, Nature, and the Stress That Is Life" and Laurie R. Santos's "To Err Is Primate".

People are different—from other animals and, perhaps more interestingly, from one another. One important way we differ from one another is in how we respond to stress. Why is it that when faced with the same challenges, some of us crumble, some of us survive, and some of us even thrive? How we react to stress matters; it is intimately tied not just to our vulnerability to disease states and pathologies but to our general health and well-being.~ "Nurture, Nature, and the Stress That Is Life"

Why do house sellers, professional golfers, experienced investors, and the rest of us succumb to strategies that make us systematically go wrong? ~ "To Err Is Primate"

Go and read the book. Definitely open your horizon.