Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I suppose if one is insane enough, patient enough, and most of all creative enough, then one can come out something as beautiful and masive as David Adey's installation works.

Materials/Process: Skin is extracted from various fashion magazine ads using a collection of craft punches. Pieces are assembled with pins on a foam panel.
Dimensions: 65 x 40 inches
Date: 2007

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Italian digital artist Stefano Bonazzi have produced these gaspingly beautiful SMOKE artworks with a unique combination use of techniques from charcoal drawing, photo editing, and digital photography. I am in awe, and I wish i can do the same.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Kama Sutra

OMG! These tremendous designs by Malika Favre for a new Penguin edition of the Kama Sutra are damn sexy & erotic.

I wanna buy the book !!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Quick Note

Read Deborah Harkness's A Discovery of Witches and Karin Slaughter's Broken during my vacation in Dubai. I started the first book about 2 weeks before the trip, but only finished it a few days ago. Now I am anticipating for book Two, Shadow of Night to come out.

I have tried the quiz to discover what are my hidden traits, and proved that I am nevertheless a human. Good lord !

Humans are rational, sensitive beings who thrive in the company of others. They show talent in many different ways, ranging from academic interests to more practical endeavours. The humans in A Discovery of Witches are aware that their interactions with creatures are unusual but they often turn a blind eye to the peculiar activity of the 'others' in their midst.

Excerpt from Broken which grasped me in the first place :

Allison Spooner wanted to leave town for the holiday, but there was nowhere to go. There was no reason to stay here, either, but at least it was cheaper. At least she had a roof over her head. At least the heat in her crappy apartment occasionally worked. At least she could eat a hot meal at work. At least, at least, at least ... Why was her life always about the least of things ? When was there going to come a time when it started being about the most?

I had similar moody feelings till the very day of my flight, due to some miserable, shitty things happened at home. But at least I could afford for an overseas holiday to get away from the shits, at least I could enjoy some quiet moments reading, at least I could spend some quality time with my incredible, at least, at least, at least ...... Wahaha!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Discovery Dubai Part II

Thanks to my colleague, I managed to book a room at this cosy, quaint Japanese-operated hotel apartment. The room came with all the necessary electrical appliances, kitchenwares, a traditional alarm clock, and amazingly an extension cord with multiple plugs which fully satisfied my needs. On top of that, you would find lots of drawers scattered around the room, 2 'assumingly-hidden' vertical drawers at the back panel behind the bed and a chest box storage under the bed. Though I didn't make use any of them for fear I might forget something when checking-out.

When the night fell, we're lazy to go out for dinner. So we contented ourselves with simple foods, like cheese-flavor instant noodle with eggs and nuts, Japanese vege salad, sushi, local-delicacy Shawarma, etc. The last night we had a more sumptuous meal - scrambled egg, prawns, chicken and beef.

I were very happy that my incredible loved the meals. He kept on saying cheap and yummy. Wahaha!

Memento from Dubai

This walking stick is really cool. Love at the first sight ! Me and incredible simply couldn't resist and bought it, despite the difficulty in bringing it back to Singapore.

It proved me right. The security at the airport spent a whole full minute to inspect it head to toe for fear I might have hidden something inside. Then it costed me 15 Dirham to shrink-wrap it. Haha!

I also bought a crystal table lamp.