Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wizard of OZ

Received this lovely B'day gift from my wonderful colleagues. Hooray ! ❖\^_^/❖

Here is a little BIO of the illustrator :
Robert Ingpen, born in 1936, is one of Australia’s most successful illustrators and has written and/or illustrated more than 100 published books. He attended Geelong College to 1954 and received a Diploma of Graphic Art from RMIT. In 1958, Robert was appointed by the CSIRO as an artist to interpret and communicate the results of scientific research. From 1968, Robert worked as a freelance designer, illustrator and author. Robert also became the only Australian to be awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Medal for illustration. Presently, Roberts’s work is perhaps best known for his illustrations in the centenary editions of "Peter Pan and Wendy" and "The Wind in the Willows".

Lovely, aren't they ?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bulgarian Graphic Art

Purchased this book for SGD40 from the only used bookstore (I guess) at Jalan Surabaya Antique Market, JKT Indonesia.

"Bulgarian Graphic Art" Български Художник
Bulgarski Houdozhnik Publishing House, 1956, 75 pp + plates. Hardback., Folio coarse oatmeal cloth. Missing dustwrapper. Abundantly and profusely illustrated with full page black and white, in-text, and tipped in full colour, finely printed plates. Each of the plates are annotated with type, artist's name, dimensions, and title.

Get this catalog from the seller as a free gift. Lovely !

Japanese Children Books

Last Saturday, went book hunting at BookMart, a used bookstore at Central, Clark Quay. Bought 5 children books.

したきりすずめ [大型本]
石井 桃子 (著), 赤羽 末吉 (イラスト)
出版社: 福音館書店 (1982/6/30)
ISBN-10: 4834008886
発売日: 1982/6/30

おおかみと七ひきのこやぎ―グリム童話 [大型本]
Grimm's Fairy Tales - The wolf and the seven little kids
グリム (著), フェリクス・ホフマン Felix Hofmann (イラスト), せた ていじ (翻訳)
出版社: 福音館書店 (1967/4/1)
ISBN-10: 483400094X
発売日: 1967/4/1

せとうちたいこさん デパートいきタイ[単行本]
長野 ヒデ子 (著)
出版社: 童心社 (1995/12)
ISBN-10: 4494005703
発売日: 1995/12

みんなのベロニカ [単行本]
Veronica on Petunia's Farm
ロジャー デュボアザン (著), Roger Duvoisin (原著), 神宮 輝夫 (翻訳)
出版社: 童話館出版 (1997/06)
ISBN-10: 4924938734
発売日: 1997/06

がちょうのペチューニア [大型本]
ロジャー・デュボワザン (著), まつおかきょうこ (翻訳)
出版社: 冨山房 (1999/1/16)
ISBN-10: 4572003653
発売日: 1999/1/16

Once again, I was really impressed by Japanese. The condition of the books were superb, like new.