Sunday, August 4, 2013


Coincidentally, the past week was my buffet indulgent week. With much accumulated sins and guilts on my cholesterol and calorie counts, I better watch out my diet this coming week. -_-!!!

Dinner Buffet @ GreenHouse, Ritz Carlton
Couldn't resist the real fresh oyster.  The baked lobster is also a must eat.  Yummy!!!
SGD80++ pp

 Dim Sum Lunch Buffet @聚春园, Far East Square
口水鸡,牛杂,酥炸腐皮春卷 are highly recommended.
7 of us consumed total 49 dishes, not including desserts.
SGD21++ pp

Dinner buffet @ 1 Market, Plaza Singapore
Quite a wide variety of Asian delicacies.  I like the mee bandung, keropok, sotong, satay sauce (yes, the sauce) and the lamb kebab. The Japanese sushi ok, but the sashimi not as fresh.
SGD58++ pp (a bit pricey)

I am gonna put on weight if I continue to eat like this.

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