Thursday, November 14, 2013

Antique Singer Sewing Machine

Gotta sell it off.  No space to accommodate this sewing machine at my new flat.  Everything is fine, except the front panel is missing. Haizz.

Sold it through ebay.  Not a pleasant experience thou.  I'd put $50 as a starting bid and $55, a mere $5 more, for the buy-it-now.  Before bidding, this buyer sent me an email asking if I could sell him at $50.  I ignored it.  Soon enough, I received the acknowledgement from ebay that the sewing machine was sold successfully - at the buy-it-now price, of course.  Apparently was the same fellow.  He still dare to send me sms asking if I could sell it at $50 and I said no, the price was very reasonable and the deal was final.  A rough check online one could tell that market price for a similar item was ranging from $100 to $200.  I did not wish to waste valuable time on such petty negotiation.  Take it or leave it, but surely with a negative feedback on his account from me.  Anyway,  He did come and collect it on a Wed night.  I was not at home and thus, I let my parents handled it.  And guess what ?!, this motherfucker still asked the same old question ..... Oh Mind !  My dad simply told him not a cent less, then sat down, had his coffee and totally ignored him.  Eventually, he paid the amount and carried the machine with the help of his maid.  See the picture !  Someone who can hire a maid is so unbelievably cheapskate !!!  If not of the seller's liability on ebay, I won't want to sell him at all.

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