Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Director's Showcase 2013

Attended the first Asia screening for New Directors' Showcase this evening at Cathay Cineplex.

 Intro by Paul Roebuck, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore.

The showreel is a mix of commercials, short films, animation, music promos or some new film techniques. Some hilarious, some conceptional while some are truly controversial.  No wonder it is rated R21.

Here are some of them :
White Doves by Miles Jay
A music video features an arresting journey undertaken by two beautiful young lovers, ready to lay down their lives for each other Romeo & Juliet style. Lovely !

Raw Data by Jake Fried
An intriguing combination of materials, which are scanned into Photoshop to create captivating moving masterpieces. 

Mimic by Lucio Arese & Yu Miyashita
An hyperdense block of objects driven by music collides, collapses, spread into random formations and disintegrates at frantic speed. Very experimental.

Cut The World by Antony & The Johnsons
An intense music video. As if sending the message :If you don't like how you're boss treats you, slit his throat.  The lyric may give a clue :
For so long I’ve obeyed that feminine decree
I’ve always contained your desire to hurt me
But when will I turn and cut the world?
My eyes are coral, absorbing your dreams
My skin is a surface to push to extremes
My heart is a record of dangerous scenes
But when will I turn and cut the world?
When will I turn and cut the world?
When will I turn and cut the world?

Follow The Frog by Max Joseph
A Humorous short film to convey an important message from the Rainforest Alliance. Cracking !

Pulled Over by Peter Atencio
Another downright funny short film.  It is about two men who get pulled over by a traffic cop, and go to surprising lengths to avoid a fine.

Treat Me Right by Ohji Inoue for Keys N Krates
Toronto-based artist Inoue brings to life Kitsch covers of classic chick lit Mills & Boon in a cleverly idiosyncratic music video.

No One Remains Virgin 《獅子胯下》by Wong Ping
The most controversial of them all.  My first reaction : What the fuck !  I do not understand what it is about. Only through this site then I get a glimpse of the message behind. The concept started from the album title, Life Fucks Everyone, of a Hong Kong band, but eventually evolved into the artist's random weird thoughts. Though I certainly don't know if I like it or not.  It is too over the top.

It was mentioned in the booklet but didn't show. It was shot on an iphone, and was inspired by the children in Peter Pan who play with their shadows. I find it compelling.

All in all, I do enjoy the showreel, may be with a heavy head for some  -_-!!!

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