Monday, January 13, 2014

Let's forget about crime and eat fries

Finished reading this old fiction last night. 

A battle of the sexes? Could be fun. 

This thriller centers on genetic engineering. By the year 2008, violent crime attains epidemic levels all over the world. FBI Director Madeline Taylor wants to end the geometric rise in violence. The first female head of the bureau turns to her friend Alice Prince, the force behind the third largest biotech firm ViroVector in the nation. Working with scientist Kathy Kerr, Alice has isolated and lessened the impact of the male aggressive genes, making the male species less prone to violence. The FDA approves testing the process on humans, but unknown to Kathy, Alice and Madeline have already illegally tested on the species for almost a decade. A stunned Kathy learns the truth and plans to blow the whistle. However, they kidnap her instead. Her former lover FBI agent Luke Decker manages to rescue her only to learn that her two abductors have other more diabolical plans for the serum coded Crime Zero Phase 3, which will illuminate all post-pubertal male species on earth within 3 years and at the same time re-engineer the DNA of pre-pubertal male kids to a more subtle, less violent person.

One day, yes, one day I will try out the recipes.

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