Sunday, January 19, 2014

Reno @ New Flat


08.01.2014 - partition

11.01.2014 - clean kitchen
Oh Mind! Look at the oil residue on the panel of the cooker hood.  I suspect the past owner never clean it at all. I was glad that I have spent $30 plus for a good Multi-Purpose Detergent (MPD) which can really remove the thick & sticky oil layer.

13-14.01.2014 - Electrical Wiring, Change & Install Socket Points

14.01.2014 - Ceiling Painting

15.01.2014 - Faith Coat for Toilets
Love it. No hacking at all.  Save me time and cost to do an overhaul.

17.01.14 - Floor Polishing


20 - 23.01.2014 - Paint all walls, door frames and doors

22.01.2014 - Install Ceiling Lights

26.01.2014 - Delivery of Refrigerator

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