Friday, February 7, 2014


Finally mounted this cool gadget, a Motorola Signal Booster 4-Port Cable Modem TV HDTV Amplifier with Active Return Cable Modem Boost, on my new flat. It costs SGD87 + SGD26 for shipping, with 10 pieces F Type 75 Ohm Terminator from Amazon US.  Tomorrow will test with my TV.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mexican Food @ Guzman Y Gomez

Burritos bowl with fish (mild) plus Guacamole

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Black Angel

John Connolly's The Black Angel (5th Charlie Parker's series) is a great tale that has a splendid historical background, based on the satanic myth chronicled in the Book of Enoch, which talks about the fallen angels Ashmael and Immael who gloried in the death and destruction that they brought down on the earth in the form of wars, rape and murder. But then Immael was confronted by a Cistercian monk and in the ensuing battle fell into a vast vat of molten silver where he was trapped, cast as a silver statue, and hidden.

Detective Charlie Parker is trying to help his friend Louis to track down his missing cousin, an addict living rough on the streets of New York as prostitute. When the investigation leads to a homemade house of horrors filled with human bones and statues made of remains, Parker tries to track down those responsible. He comes up against a group of cultists called The Believers, whom are convinced that angels fell to earth and took on human form, save one that was trapped in silver at a hidden location. The Believers come to suspect that Parker is a fallen angel himself, and that he must be captured. So the race is on - to find the killers, to discover a mysterious map that could lead to the location of the silver angel, and to keep Parker out of the hands of The Believers. ~ Tim Niland at goodreads

The obese monstrous sadist Brightwell is thus far the most gruesome character in the book. He appears to have supernatural powers and kill his victims by sucking their souls through their lips.  (Of coz, with his lips! Yurk!)

Here is how Brightwell looks like in the eyes of Harry, a motel owner  :
The other man was almost as tall as his companion, but obscenely fat, his enormous belly hanging pendulously between his thighs like a great tongue lolling from an open mouth. His body appeared out of proportion to his legs, which were short and slightly bowed, as though they had struggled for many years to support the load they were required to bear and were at last buckling under the strain. The fat man’s face was perfectly round and quite pale, but his features were very delicate: green eyes enclosed by long, dark lashes; a thin, unbroken nose; and a long mouth with full, dark lips that were almost feminine. But any passing resemblance to traditional notions of facial beauty were undone by his chin, and the tumorous, distended neck in which it lost itself. It rolled over his shirt collar, purple and red, like an intimation of the gut that lay farther down. Harry was reminded of an old walrus that he had once seen in a zoo, a great beast of blubber and distended flesh on the verge of collapse. This man, by contrast, was far from the grave. Despite his bulk, he walked with a strange lightness, seemingly gliding across the sticky, shell-strewn floor of the cantina. Harry’s shirt was streaked with sweat even though the AC was blasting, yet the fat man’s face was entirely dry, and his white shirt and gray jacket appeared untouched by perspiration. He was balding, but his remaining hair was very black and cut short against his skull. Harry found himself mesmerized by the man’s appearance, the mix of terrible ugliness and near beauty, of obscene bulk and irreconcilable grace.

I m bad.  I always wanna disturb my dear friend John to change name.  Reasons being the same John is used to refer the unnamed men who purchase sex, or worse, toilet.  Another name John doe is used for male corpse or hospital patient whose identity is unknown.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Little Plant

Though seriously I do not have 'green fingers',  i hope that my little venture can blossom.

3/2/2014 - the other starts growing