Saturday, July 26, 2014


This sweet bacon roll ($3.60) from Paris Baguette is delicious.
Have it for dinner and next day breakfast.   
Good quality and healthy salad at Cedele.
Baby Spinach as base, Proteins are mushroom and baked ham,
4 veggies are beetroot,  tofu, tomato & pumpkin. Sauce is honey mustard.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

On The Spot

Attended an outdoor aerial shoot with my colleague after lunch.  Nice weather, sunny blue sky, just a little too hot.

Unfortunately, due to strong wind on the high level, the octocopter dashed into the swimming pool during landing.  Oh Mind !  Pray that the Canon DSLR can be repaired.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dinosaurs : Dawn to Extinction II

An evening @MBS

Have planned to go to her photography exhibition after my return from Beijing, but didn't get around with it till now.

Annie Leibovitz is one of America's most celebrated photographers. Highlights of the exhibit include portraits of celebrities and well-known figures such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Jamie Foxx, Demi Moore, Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Kidman and Brad Pitt; personal photos documenting scenes from Annie’s life, including the birth and childhood of her three daughters, vacations, reunions, extended family and close friends.

Though I would love to see more of her "Disney dream portrait series" and Vanity Fair style shots (see below).

Friday, July 18, 2014

Guilty Crown - Departures Blessing

During MC,  I watched anime Guilty Crown with my incredible.  Fall in love with this song.  Sooooo ..... soothing.

Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation
Mou anata kara aisareru koto mo
Hitsuyou to sareru koto mo nai
Soshite watashi wa koushite hitoribocchi de
Ano toki anata wa nante itta no?
Todokanai kotoba wa chuu wo mau
Wakatteru no ni kyou mo shite shimau
Kanawanu negaigoto wo
I will never again receive your love
Nor will I ever be needed
And that is how I find myself all alone
What was it you told me back then?
The words that won't reach me dance in the air
And though I know better, today too I end up
Wishing for things that won't come true
Hanasanai de
Gyutto te wo nigitteite
Anata to futari  tsuzuku to itte
Tsunaida sono te wa atatakakute
Don't let me go
Just squeeze my hand tight
And tell me we'll go on together
Your hand in mine was warm
And gentle
Anata wa itsumo sou yatte watashi wo
Okorasete saigo ni nakasunda
Dakedo ato ni natte
Gomen ne tte iu sono kao
Suki datta
That's how you always anger me
And make me cry in the end
But I loved the way
You looked when you apologized
Hanasanai de
Gyutto  sou omoikkiri
Anata no ude no naka ni itai
Futari de odeko wo awase nagara
Nemuru no
Don't let me go
Hold me tight, yes, with all your strength
I want to be in your arms
We'll fall asleep as we touch our foreheads
Mou nidoto wa aenai tte koto wo shitteta no?
Did you know that we'll never be able to meet ever again?
Hanasanai de
Gyutto  anata ga suki
Mou ichido datte waratte kurenai no
Anata no nukumori ga kiechau mae ni
Don't let me go
Hold me tight; I love you
Won't you laugh for me just one more time?
Before your warmth vanishes
Embrace me

Pill Popping

Hate to take medicines, but what to do, have forced myself to complete the course of antibiotics.  Leave 5 more doses.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Loanshark Harassment

The whole events been bothering me.

Come to think about it, it all started in January before I officially shifted to the new flat.

On 26 Jan, saw this mash of eggs on the floor when I was there to clean the place before renovation, thinking that who was the stupidiot doing such boring childish act.

Nevertheless, I just cleaned up.

Soon I began receiving Letter of Demand from various moneylenders.  Apparently, this fucker (the previous owner of the flat) named Goh Peng Ser Henry, IC No. S1728995J, went around to borrow $$$ from various legal moneylenders from Nov 2013 till Jan 2014, and from loansharks (dunno from when) before he moved out on 6 Jan and officially handed over the flat on 15 Jan 2014, thinking that he could get away with it upon selling the flat. He continued to borrow on the very same day as well. It is obvious that he started the whole things after the OTP, which was on 30 Oct 2013.
Letter of Demand from various legal Moneylanders
with loans dated between Nov2013 and Jan 2014.
These are only partial of them.

I had reported to the Police in three occasions. 1st report was made after the legal moneylenders knocked on my doors on 3 Feb. 2nd report after an asshole had written WORDS on the wall at the 2nd landing (1st Ahlong harassment). And then escalated to these on 16 Mar.
2nd ahlong harassment - 1st paint splashing on 16 Mar 2014

2nd paint splashing incident happened 2 weeks later.
3rd ahlong harassment - 2nd paint splashing on 02 Apr 2014

Besides reporting to the police, I also did what a citizen should do ..... go to the local newspapers and Stomp.

I do not wish to be a silent victim of lawless loanshark, let alone the fucking asshole loan-borrower.

I want the whole world knows what had he done.  A check with my agent,  I was told that this fellow also owned his own property agent, a personal friend as well,  the commission upon selling the flat.

Go here for the Stomp report :

Upon installation of CCTVs on the corridor outside the flat by the police in Apr 2014, it does help to deter the loansharks from harassment.

Thus they changed tactics. A few 'love' letters were received with different hell notes attached in each.
Very funny !

By far, the bottom right one is my favorite. Anyway, all have been handled to the police for investigation.

Last check with the police officer-in-charge, I learnt that the culprit responsible for the harassment was arrested on 29 Apr.  Whereas the ex-owner was located, and a stern warning was given.  

But the truth is, I am not satisfied.  He should get serious punishment by doing such inconsiderate bad things.  He put me and my family in dangers from the loansharks, and I undoubtedly have spent valuable time and money to settle the damages made to my flat.  

Not long ago, there were talks in Parliament to implement tougher laws on unlicenced moneylending and loanshark. That's really good. But I also wanna highlight to the authority ..... how about those borrowers who do it intentionally, and thinking that they can get away scotch free ?

I pray hard that he will get what he deserved.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


 Last Sat, attended short courses with my incredible at ITE AMK, and was amazed by the school.  Besides 3D animation and video editing studio, there is Aircraft Maintenance section too.  Hell lot of full-time courses offered to secondary school graduates.
Aircraft Maintenance Section. Outside got helicopter & commercial aircraft too.

While having light refreshments,
saw some students shooting at the school campus.
School project, may be?

Another Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Am I still wise as told after the extraction ? God knows.

For this round, the surgery went pretty smooth, or should I say too fast.  Upon injection of 3 shots of anesthesia in different areas, my lips were already numb in a few seconds.  Immediately the dentist started the extraction and within 15 mins, or may be less, the very moment I felt the pain and worried that I might need to endure such pain for the rest of the surgery, I was told that it was over.  Ha ?!!! So fast!  I remembered the previous one took me an hour of ordeal.  But still, my body was trembling afterwards, though not as bad.

May be this dentist is particularly good and experienced.

The truth is this was not the usual dental clinic I have visited all the while.  I had suffered tooth pain for the past week and tried to make appointment with my usual clinic at Kovan but to no avail.  Either no one was picking up the phone or the calls were transferred to fax machine.  I couldn't wait so I went to another clinic at Sengkang which my incredible had his general teeth scaling and polishing done before.   I was then referred to Hougang Branch as all slots were fully booked.  I wasn't sure where exactly it is, only knew the block number, and near to confectionery shop Pao Talent 包达人.

Played by fate, I walked in to the wrong clinic named Smile Division, as I didn't see any other dental clinic along the stretch.

Me : I am here for my appointment.
Nurse : What time ?
Me : 3.30pm.
Nurse : Ah yes.  Wisdom Tooth Extraction ?
Me : That's right.

So it went.  Halfway through filling up the medisave form,  an Indian couple walked in and said they were here for 3.30pm appointment - Wisdom tooth extraction too.  Oh shit! Don't tell me .......  ~_~!!!

Of course, eventually I visited the 'correct' branch which is hidden around the corner of the same block, had periapical X-rays and some cleaning, but couldn't go for extraction yet due to infection and swollen, and needed to complete a full course of antibiotics and anti-swelling medicines.  I should say I was somewhat relieved to hear that cause I really didn't like the dentist.  The way she did the x-rays, and the way she spoke simply gave me the impression that she wasn't confident enough.  I didn't feel comfortable with her doing the surgery.

After much consideration, I decided to give it a try at Smile Division.  Though is still early to tell, but so far so good.  On top of that, I can pay the whole cost of $800 through medisave.  Much cheaper than what I was quoted by the other clinic.

Though I truly can't recall if I had to take so many tablets the previous extraction. I feel like a pill popper recently.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Red Dot Museum

Passed by Red Dot yesterday during lunch hour.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Foods & Medicines

Last Sunday's fine dining at Forest 森, Equarius Hotel at Sentosa Resort World. Only then I known it is by local celebrity chef Sam Leong.

Tried the delicious wagyu beef with foie gras ($68) and black sesame ice-cream with avocado ($22).  Though having tooth pain, I enjoyed the foods, at a much slower speed of course - almost reduced to munchy level.

Like the hotel's atmosphere too.  A peaceful and quiet heaven. If you are into spa, this is the place.

my hyper nephew - Isaac
Yummy pan-roasted cod fish and cupcake on Monday
 - a treat from my bf.
But for now, I can't really enjoy good foods .......
My wisdom tooth is killing me.  My gum is swollen and having infection.  Need to finish full course of antibiotics and anti-swelling before extraction surgery next week. Alas!!! Endure! Endure! I eat like squirrel.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


It is amazing to see some aunt-like ladies who have undergone such nice and pretty pedicures.   The photo can't tell much as it was shot from far.  The base is dark blue at top and light blue at bottom, and glitters scattered around on the coat.  Sparkling and outstanding.

I am simply too lazy to do all these. -_-!!!

Friday, July 4, 2014


Nowadays, offerings to the dead are getting interesting. Besides up-to-date gadgets like iPhone, iPad, etc., there are Hermes bags & shoes too.

LeVeL33 @ MBFC Tower 1

Mojito with Blond Lager

Yummy Beer Foods.
Here are Pork Ribs, Beef, Big Fries,  Drumlet 

Looks like moth.
This one looks like horn beetle.
This I can't say.  Butterfly, may be?

An outing with colleagues after work on Wed night.  A cozy restaurant cum lounge to chill.