Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Another Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Am I still wise as told after the extraction ? God knows.

For this round, the surgery went pretty smooth, or should I say too fast.  Upon injection of 3 shots of anesthesia in different areas, my lips were already numb in a few seconds.  Immediately the dentist started the extraction and within 15 mins, or may be less, the very moment I felt the pain and worried that I might need to endure such pain for the rest of the surgery, I was told that it was over.  Ha ?!!! So fast!  I remembered the previous one took me an hour of ordeal.  But still, my body was trembling afterwards, though not as bad.

May be this dentist is particularly good and experienced.

The truth is this was not the usual dental clinic I have visited all the while.  I had suffered tooth pain for the past week and tried to make appointment with my usual clinic at Kovan but to no avail.  Either no one was picking up the phone or the calls were transferred to fax machine.  I couldn't wait so I went to another clinic at Sengkang which my incredible had his general teeth scaling and polishing done before.   I was then referred to Hougang Branch as all slots were fully booked.  I wasn't sure where exactly it is, only knew the block number, and near to confectionery shop Pao Talent 包达人.

Played by fate, I walked in to the wrong clinic named Smile Division, as I didn't see any other dental clinic along the stretch.

Me : I am here for my appointment.
Nurse : What time ?
Me : 3.30pm.
Nurse : Ah yes.  Wisdom Tooth Extraction ?
Me : That's right.

So it went.  Halfway through filling up the medisave form,  an Indian couple walked in and said they were here for 3.30pm appointment - Wisdom tooth extraction too.  Oh shit! Don't tell me .......  ~_~!!!

Of course, eventually I visited the 'correct' branch which is hidden around the corner of the same block, had periapical X-rays and some cleaning, but couldn't go for extraction yet due to infection and swollen, and needed to complete a full course of antibiotics and anti-swelling medicines.  I should say I was somewhat relieved to hear that cause I really didn't like the dentist.  The way she did the x-rays, and the way she spoke simply gave me the impression that she wasn't confident enough.  I didn't feel comfortable with her doing the surgery.

After much consideration, I decided to give it a try at Smile Division.  Though is still early to tell, but so far so good.  On top of that, I can pay the whole cost of $800 through medisave.  Much cheaper than what I was quoted by the other clinic.

Though I truly can't recall if I had to take so many tablets the previous extraction. I feel like a pill popper recently.

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