Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Foods & Medicines

Last Sunday's fine dining at Forest 森, Equarius Hotel at Sentosa Resort World. Only then I known it is by local celebrity chef Sam Leong.

Tried the delicious wagyu beef with foie gras ($68) and black sesame ice-cream with avocado ($22).  Though having tooth pain, I enjoyed the foods, at a much slower speed of course - almost reduced to munchy level.

Like the hotel's atmosphere too.  A peaceful and quiet heaven. If you are into spa, this is the place.

my hyper nephew - Isaac
Yummy pan-roasted cod fish and cupcake on Monday
 - a treat from my bf.
But for now, I can't really enjoy good foods .......
My wisdom tooth is killing me.  My gum is swollen and having infection.  Need to finish full course of antibiotics and anti-swelling before extraction surgery next week. Alas!!! Endure! Endure! I eat like squirrel.

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