Monday, March 23, 2015

Last Day of Singapore Design Week

It happened that my bookbinding workshop coincided with the Singapore Design Week activities in the National Design Centre.

Here are some astonishing works of one of the world's foremost design company,  Heatherwork Studio in UK.
UK Pavilion, Shanghai World Expo, China 2010
The UK pavilion was designed as a distinct structure and breath-taking experience, rather than simply a building to host an exhibition, it was an enigmatic cube made up of 60,000 clear acrylic rods each 7.5m-long.
It looks so dazzling when lighted up.
Concept to Humanise mega-project
Moganshan, Shanghai, China, est. completion 2018

Changing perceptions of a power station
Teesside Power Station, speculative 2009

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