Thursday, April 30, 2015

Contessa Nettel Cocarette

Remember this beauty I received as my Bday pressie ?

Finally tested it with 120mm B&W ASA400 film.  It took a little while to develop the film.  Needed 7-10 days, costed SGD16 including scanning into CD.

These are the interesting results shot by the camera.

Though the images are not sharp, even I had set the focusing into infinity, but the 'oldy' feel is something you can hardly get in digital.  Will need to paste black tapes around the film loading case to cut off the two vertical flares appeared on top of the frames.

And you know what ?!

I only noticed today that this T-Shirt I bought from Beijing has exactly the same camera.  Oh Gosh! What a coincidence.  I have been wearing it for a year already.  ^_^

Monday, April 27, 2015

Burning Devotion 炽纸之心

 What can I say ?  Stanley Yap had done something that I have once thought of doing - to collect and document the fascinating wide collections of  Chinese Paper offering in Singapore.  Nice work.

You can even find paper handbags and shoes from famous brand
 like Hermes.

Single Alternate Needle Coptic Binding

Another Coptic Binding this month, which is not easy to stitch as well.  Enjoy and like it nevertheless.  I am sure wanna explore more different ways of such binding.

We also celebrated Ian, our charming instructor's belated
birthday with cupcakes, cookies and coffee.
The Washi (和紙) papers from Mino City in the Gifu prefecture of Central Japan are really beautiful and nice to the touch.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Today, the National Design Centre (NDC) is packed with people for the Big Ohm Theory, a two-day event aims to provide an experience that would inspire visitors to choose a more holistic approach to living, shop, eat, rest, catch up yoga, meditate, reiki, and enjoy music.  Free coconut was offered by Coconutsg, as long as you join their mailing lists. ^-^ So why not.

Besides, there is this Outstanding Chinese Typography Design Exhibition till May 17.
Details : Outstanding Chinese Typography Design Exhibition is a curation by Taiwanese graphic designer-educator-curator Ken-Tsai Lee. The rare exhibition had only been exhibited in Taiwan in previous years. The collection of exhibits includes works from Wang Zhihong, Hung Lam, Natasha Jen, Shinnoske Sugisaki etc.

 On the 2nd floor is Fifty Years of Singapore Design.

Double Needle Coptic Binding

Course Overview

Coptic Manuscripts bound with single and multi-quire bindings were made as early as 4th century CE. Deriving from this ancient binding, contemporary Coptic binding generally referred to books which are bound with unsupported link sewing where the cover boards are sewn together with the text block. 

In this series of workshops, learn to:
  • Decorate a cover board with handmade, block-printed papers
  • Sew sections of papers onto the covers
  • Learn about different variants of Coptic binding to make your book more interesting. 

Phew ! This is the hardest thus far. And yet, really enjoyable session.
As usual, what we need :
Cutting Mat, ruler, pen knife, tailor awl, bone folder,
pencil & eraser for taking notes
My notes look messy though. -_-!!!
The hand block-printed fabrics provided by Matter are lovely.
I would love to print some myself for use in the future.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Maritime Learning Journey

Organised in conjunction with the 10th Singapore Maritime Week 2015, the Maritime Learning Journeys bring participants on a trip out to sea, visit to the Raffles Lighthouse and a tour of the Singapore Maritime Gallery. Me & my incredible, together with my sister and brother-in-law, joined the 1.15pm session.

See the boat at the left ?

Built in 1991, this boat was previously home to Singapore’s floating A&W restaurant at Sentosa coastline. Sadly, A&W had closed it down many years ago. This vessel has since been revamped, now known as Stewords Riverboat and relocated to Marina South Pier, housing Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill and Breaking Bread.

Sisters Island 姐妹岛

Singapore Oil Refineries
We are approaching Pulau Satumu, where the Raffles Lighthouse located.
The boat trip is about an hour to and fro.

A Little History (from Wikipedia)
The Raffles Lighthouse was first mooted in 1833, but the foundation stone was only laid in 1854 when William John Butterworth was the Governor of the Straits Settlements from 1843 to 1855. The stones on which Raffles Lighthouse stands come from the granite quarries on Pulau Ubin. The lighthouse was named after Sir Stamford Raffles, who founded modern Singapore in 1819.
 The lighthouse was erected on a 1.3-hectare (3.2-acre) rocky island called Pulau Satumu, the southernmost island off the main island of Singapore. Pulau Satumu means "one tree island" – sa refers to satu ("one") and tumu is the Malay name for the large mangrove tree, Bruguiera confugata.
Besides antique beacons,  the small museum there still keeps these old equipments and tools used in the past.
Waiting for our turn to climb up the lighthouse.  Total 108 steps.
Apart from the therapeutic view, the water is so clear.
We can even see corals on the shore. 
The surrounding around the inland is simply beautiful.
Accompanied by clear water, coconut trees, fresh air,
it would be nice that we can spend a night or two here.
How about the work of the light keepers ? Working on a 2 men team, they stay on the island for 10 days before returning to mainland to rest for another 10 days.  Lucky there are TV, radio and internet access.  Else, it must be very boring after knock off.

Later realised that our boat is made by Japanese Co.
Returned to Marina South Pier in the evening.