Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Antique 120 Film Folding Camera

A surprise from my beloved colleagues today as my birthday gift.  Though we all had a hard time trying to figure out how to open it in the first place. -_-!!!

Thank yew everyone. Muacks!

A research on the Net confirmed that it is a Contessa Nettel Cocarette.  A 120 6x9cm roll film folding camera made in 1920's by Contessa Nettel Stuttgart. The lens is Nettel Conastigmat F6.3 105mm and the shutter is Derval, B, T, 1/25-1/100sec. Very common with Zeiss Ikon models.  Contessa Nettel is one of the German camera manufacturing companies in a row of mergers which at the end lead to Zeiss-Ikon/Voigtländer. The lenses were made in Braunschweig and the cameras in Stuttgart.
The focusing is made by moving on its rails the tray supporting the lens. This can be made by selecting one of the five positions of a lever (2, 3, 5, 10m, infinite). This lever is located onto the folding front plate of the camera.

It is equipped with a waist level finder - The brilliant finder.  A combination of a lens, a mirror at a 45 degree angle behind that lens, and another lens at right angle position to the first one to view the mirrored image from the top. It is not very reliable though.

The backs of these cameras do not open, they load from the side by releasing a catch and then the entire film holding mechanism slides out of the camera.
Film Holder released. 

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