Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Past Week .....

Henry the Fifth proposing to the French king's daughter,
making his case for long love lasting beyond youth to flourish in old age.

Finished reading Hamlet's Dresser by Bob Smith on Monday night.  The author tells his own story of a life shaped by Shakespeare's works weaving together the stories of his bittersweet, troubled childhood, his poignant experiences with the old people, and dozens of illuminating passages and scenes from Shakespeare's plays.  Shahespeare's fans will find it delightful.

Thursday.  Around 5pm.
Saw this shadow cast on the sliding door. A nice little distraction after full-day of neck-wrecking stare on the screen with skins and hairs.  Not in a good mood really.  Been pissed off by clients' frequent-minded and meaningless changes.

This land cruiser parked outside my office was damn cool.  If i got driving licence ......
It did remind me of my childhood. My dad used to drive such heavy-duty rugged vehicle, especially when travelling to KK from Sandakan which took about 8 hrs one way and needed to climb hills. His usual baby, a white beetle won't make it.

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