Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Japanese Binding Workshop @ The Centre of Book Arts

The lecturer, Ms. Yukari Hayashida is a bookbinder. She is originally from Japan and currently resides in New York City where she works in book conservation at the Thomas J. Watson Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.



During the sessions, we learnt few Japanese binding techniques using traditional Japanese papers and fabrics, constructed side-sewn binding and through-the-fold structures, as well as a chitsu, the special cloth-covered folding box to hold the books. The end result is a beautiful, boxed set of 4 books.

Shown here are 3 different styles of stab binding.  The stitching part is slightly different from what I have learnt previously.

The world is big and yet so small.
There was another student from Singapore as well.  Yes. It just happened.
Apparently, she is teaching bookbinding in SG and wanna build up her skills through the workshop.

There are tons of workshops in-store at the centre.  I do wish to learn Letterpress in the near future.

Current exhibition at the centre.


In actual fact, I was sick during the workshop.  Called it bad luck.  I was sneezing the  first whole day and have mild fever through the night.  On second day, I really believed that I was recovering after taking some pills, only my voice became raspy.  I managed to concentrate and stay through the whole session which ended around 4:30pm, though my body was freezing inside out.  I quickly rushed back and the moment I stepped in my room door, I was too exhausted and plunged straight to bed. I had worser fever this round.  Couldn't attend to my incredible at all.  Luckily I had stocked extra foods & drinks.  The next and the next, I lost my voice, started coughing, feeling dizzy, body aching. Alas!

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