Sunday, June 14, 2015

Photography Books

Here are my recent purchases of photography-related books from Objectifs.
All by local photographers.

I am in awe.  These impressive Malaysian breed of Ayam Serama, which are specially reared and groomed for participation in pageants, can really pose.

Puffed chests, ruffled plumage, bowed heads and all.

Should watch the story on Vimeo.

The photos by Earnest Goh are stunning.

Mass Production is a collection of 17 images shot by award-winning architectural and landscape photographer Darren Soh over a period of 4 years.

Book design by &Larry.

TRANSIT by Singapore Documentary Photographer Edwin Koo.
Published by TwentyFifteen.SG

From the introduction of the book, "The crowded trains presented an ever-changing theatre each time the doors opened and closed, revealing interesting protagonists, diverse lives and a myriad of emotions. The camera gave me a chance to see what my eye would have missed – a collective portrait of Singapore, always in transit."

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