Friday, June 19, 2015

The Morgan Library & Museum

Just a short walk from New York Public Library, the Morgan is a major exhibition venue for fine art, literature, and music, one of New York's great historic sites. Admission fee is $18 Adults, $12 Children (13–16).

Like the vibrant glass installation at the main hall.

 Gold Gold Gold. Phew!

Ceiling Ceiling Ceiling .....
My neck is hurting.

Mr. Morgan's study
with its red silk damask walls and antique wooden ceiling brought over from Florence.

JP Morgan's grand, elegant old-world library

Morgan was an avid collector of art and books with holdings so vast they were housed at multiple locations in New York and England. Eventually, he decided to consolidate his holdings in a huge library next to his mansion in NYC. Designed by renowned architect Charles McKim and completed in 1906, the Italian Renaissance palazzo-style library holds a staggering collection of illuminated books, historical manuscripts, and old master drawings.

 The library is rightfully considered McKim's masterpiece—a majestic, soaring space which is both intimate and warm. It features 30-foot ceilings, three tiers of bronze and walnut bookcases, stained glass, a huge marble fireplace and grand tapestries.

The Museum Shop

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