Monday, July 6, 2015

Around Williamsburg - Flea Market (IV)

Sunday along Bedford Avenue ......

There are at least 3 Hat shops around Williamsburg that I happened by.
Williamsburg Flea Market @ Kent Avenue every Sunday, rain or shine.

This homemade donuts came with many flavours.

We had passion fruit with cocoa nibs and lemon poppyseed. Just one bite, you would fall in love with them.


Small Room Collective, a mobile mercantile & gallery space built in a gutted, hand-reconstructed 1963 Airstream Globetrotter, affectionately known as Bob Mapplethorpe, functioning as a gallery-shop-by-day and a studio-home-by-night. They feature art, pressed vinyl, apparel and small goods from independent makers and shakers as well as vintage clothing gathered on their travels across the U.S.

Love their merchandises.

This family-owned and operated antique store specializes in vintage and antique items that are still very usable today. They have wearable clothing for women, men & kids in a variety of sizes,  handmade tote bags, eco-friendly upcycled vintage accessories, and handmade jewelry. They also have a large selection of vintage vinyl records.

I bought 2 vinyl records for a mere S2.

Vagabondia Vintage offers
- vintage garb and accessories from the early 1900s through 1980s
- handcrafted greeting cards and stationary
- upcycled and handmade wallart, like their popular vintage lace dreamcatchers
- handmade and upcycled headbands, bowties, hairbows and necklaces
- antique curiosities and home decor
- textiles and crafts from their travels, from Polish scarves to Moroccan pouffes!

Crispy hand-cut fries.
Original $7 with one free sauce.  We chose Curry Ketchup.

Yummy popsicles as dessert.
Mirror Mirror on the floor, who's the realest of them all?

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