Sunday, July 12, 2015

Purchases during the trip (Part I)

Daydream by Kostas Anafnopoulos | Insurance Editions  | 2004
Cat-Stronauts In Space (Graphic Novel)  by Drew Brockington | 2014
In The Sounds & Seas Vol I (Graphic Novel)  by Marnie Galloway | Monkey-Rope Press | 2012
In The Sounds & Seas Vol II (Graphic Novel)  by Marnie Galloway | Monkey-Rope Press | 2014
The Miraculous by Raphael Rubinstein | Paper Monument | 2014
little book of BOOKMAKING by Charlotte Rivers | Potter Craft | 2014
On Bullshit by Harry G. Frankfurt | Princeton University | 2005
Short Walks On Long Island by Rodney & Priscilla Albright | The Pequot Press | 1975 (3rd)
Unpacking My Library by Walter Benjamin | Paravion Press | 2013
Welcome The Day by Emma Giuliani | Chronicle | 2015

ToiletPaper April 1987

One of my favourite bi-annual magazine that made up solely of surreal and ambiguous images which will definitely blow your mind.


Introducing Volume 2: Tokyo. 
Our second issue takes us to Tokyo, as we trace the legacy of the classic kissaten, get cozy at cosplay cafes, crush cans of vending machine coffee, and meet power players behind one of the world’s most competitive coffee scenes. Volume 2 is about what it’s like to drink coffee in Tokyo, past and present, amidst a city as dynamic as the coffee it consumes.

A beautifully printed magazine about coffee culture in Tokyo.

Happened upon this book several times but somehow didn't get to buy it till now.

The Sick Rose, is full of medical illustrations on skin  diseases. As suggested, it surely is a fascinating Wunderkammer of a book that will enthrall artists, students, designers, scientists and the incurably curious everywhere.

Not for the faint-hearted though.

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