Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Undergone an MRI scan yesterday.  Quite an experience.

I was asked to strip to my underwear and changed to the hospital gown before I was led to the scanning room.  I was then instructed to lie on my back on a bed that is part of the scanner, and to remain still and not to swallow during the scan.

A headphone with 'relaxing' music was given of which I believe somehow it could reduce my nervousness and also the noise of the scanner. A cover with a small rectangular mirror tucked nicely inside though slightly below eye level, was put over my head afterwards.  This mirror did help to give a little comfort as I could still see the cloudy reflection of the doctor and nurse at the control area out there, not so claustrophobic.

Since I couldn't talk and move my head, I had to hold a buzzer in case I need to contact the staff. Especially the doctor did pre-empt me that I might have cutaneous burn reaction at the site of my tattoo.  It made me worry, so I hold on the buzzer tightly readying myself to press it the very moment if I did feel any heat sensation.  Yes, it was warm inside the scanner, I even sweated a little, yet not this hot, it never reached near the temperature of steam sauna.

The most interesting part, to me, was the sound of the scanner.  Really, all kind of sounds -- police car sirens from a distant [bee-boo-bee-boo], phone ring [dre-dre-dre], road drilling, Lab evacuation siren, etc etc. Of course, the usual scanning sound as well. Youtube gets few similar sound effects, and I find is the closest.

The first scan took about 20 minutes.  A contrast media was then injected to enhance the visibility of blood vessels before the second round for another 10 minutes, totalling to 30 minutes in all. The MRI films were ready for collection about an hour later.

It cost me $1500 plus.  Gosh!

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