Monday, August 31, 2015

My Own Book Project

In the past year, I already had some of my travel photos printed out as books through an On-Demand book printer in Beijing, but this is my very first time to do the binding myself ...... a case binding learnt from little book of BOOK MAKING brought from New York.

Size : A4 borderless
Paper Stock : 157gsm Art Card Paper (off-white) Printing Side : Double Sided
One set is 39 pcs of A4 Art cards double-sided, totalling 78 sides
Folding part : Fold 1 A4 into half (folio) ; 3  Folios per signature; Total 13 signatures.
9 holes (20-25mm apart) are pierced with the awl.
The stitching is the most time-consuming & tedious process.

Here are the results.  Ho! Ho!

Still got 4 more to go.
The front & back end-paper is the subway map printed on special  paper
using Epson Ink-jet printer.
I intentionally leave the spine (the back of text block) in loose form.
Finally, have added the dustjacket.

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