Monday, October 26, 2015

Long Stitch Binding

Hmmm ....... Not as hard as Coptic Binding, yet not easy as well.  Need some brain power to figure out the stitching flow.

There are different forms of longstitch sewings. Besides altering the stitching pattern to include crosses, altering the length of the longstitches to have their own patterns, and other patterns, artists have also used multiple colored thread. There are also a number of different ways to close a longstitch book. Though some longstitch bound book covers are just trimmed to the edge of the book block, there are a variety of ways to fold over one side of the cover and fasten it. Buttons can be stitched into the binding and a thread attached to the cover flap. A slit can also be cut into the front cover and a strip from the back cover can be slipped through the slit. Modern book artists have elaborated on closure styles.

We made a pocket on this cover

This would be the  last workshop by The Thistle Bindery for 2015.  Our instructor Ian is getting married end of the month.  Congratulation !!!  Let's just anticipate for more exciting workshops next year.

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