Sunday, November 15, 2015

Lucky Charms

Wanna thank my beloved colleagues for this beautiful farewell pressie.

I will be leaving the company this month to pursue my study and personal interests. Time does fly. Almost 6 years plus 9 months since then.  I have enjoyed working there and have learnt a great deal.

As the slogan of PANDORA :
Unforgettable Moments.

The girls really put in effort in selecting the respective beads.
From left to right,
Graduate Owl - A night owl like myself graduates from my study. A good charm indeed.
Red Murano Glass - The color red is the color of energy, passion and action.  Okey dokey, I got to admit, I am a hot-tempered person. RED!
I ❤️ Music - Yes. I am.  You may not agree with my taste.  I like to bombard myself with all kind of music, be it Anime, classical, Dance, Hip Hop, Asian Pop, Jazz, Latin, New Age, Pop, R&B, Rock ..... in various languages,  while working the shit out.  Musics really motivate me.  Sorry if it is too loud, at times almost unbearable.
Camera - I do love to take snapshots pretty often nowadays.
Night Out - A fun and flirty sterling silver cocktail glass charm representing my 'occasional' love of drinking.  Please don't mistake me as an alcoholic though. If there is coffee mug charm, I am pretty sure the girls will get me that.  I am more of a severe caffeine addict.

Thank you girls. ❤️

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