Thursday, November 5, 2015


Due to ceiling leakage, repair works were carried out from the upper floor unit in mid August. I then patched up and painted the ceiling a week later using Dulux Wash & Wear Kitchen & Bathroom Ceiling Flat.

I've been monitoring since.  Alas. Within 2 months, crack lines started to appear. It means somehow the ceiling is still moist.

To make thing worse, during the repairs and redecoration project till December, the cleaners started cleaning the whole building last two days with high-pressure water jet.  Imagine with the 'antique' windows which cannot close 100% tightly, water of course was splashed through the gaps bringing in the dirts all over the 2 toilets.

In short, the basins, the toilet bow, the walls and the ceiling of both were covered with dirts.
(I've forgotten to take a pic -_-!)

I had to flush clean the whole toilets.  The few peeled-off patches were the results.

Temporarily patched them up again  and see how long it will go. Guess will need to get a license contractor in future to do a proper patching work eventually.

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