Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lovely Miniatures

Saw these at the table ......

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

25 April

Happy Hours, 3D metal sculpture by Israel artist David Gerstein
at 5 floor Lift Lobby
Early morning, I accompanied my incredible to National Heart Centre (NHCS) @ SGH for 2D-Echo Scan and Treadmill Test requested by MCC as part of pre-enlistment screening.  Since the scan needed an hour, I ventured up to the top floor instead of sitting idly at the waiting area, planning to take some shots of the Pinnacle @ Duxton through the windows.
Waiting area at 5th floor

Then I saw it.
The sky was so dramatic.  Gosh! As if angels are coming down through the light ......
It was around 10am.

The medical check finished around 12pm plus.  We were famished, and decided to have our lunch at The Reading Room, which is within 10-15 mins walking distance.

The yellow cylinder-shaped building, Pearl Bank Apartments 珍珠苑 is the oldest high-rise residential building in Chinatown. It has been there as long as I can remember.

After lunch, we went to The Grassroots Book Room 草根書室 to buy books, then to Hobby Point @ Bras Basah Complex for some model kits before crossed over the road to have afternoon tea and take a nap at the cafe till 5pm and continued to Mint Museum of Toys to kill time.  Our last destination for the day was the Launch of +50 Books at Objectifs from 7:30pm.

Unfortunately, my incredible was not feeling well, and started having fever.  Barely managed to say Hi to Kay Chin, we left and headed home.

Monday, April 25, 2016

DIY [2]

A follow up of my unfinished DIY thingy from last month.

Total 4 of these cabinets ready to be mounted on wall. Hmm ..... may be next week.  Need to do measurements before I drill any hole.  So Can't install the glass doors as yet.

Actually it's quite fun assembling the cabinets.

Steidl Deck : 1001 Steidl Books

After our bookbinding workshop, of course we shouldn't miss the opportunity to view the exhibition.

Gerhard Steil is a world-renowned publisher and printer who has also donated over 1,600 books designed and produced entirely in his Göttingen studio to help build Southeast Asia's first public library dedicated to photography.

Love this lab coat.

A smoking corner at the top (3rd floor) which apparently is not open to the public.

Advanced Leather Bound Journal

Well, it has been a long wait.  The Thistle Bindery & Co has finally found a physical space to call its own for upcoming workshops, showcasing their bookbinding machines and gathering of passionate craftsmen and hobbyists to create more book-related crafts.

Though for the time being, it only opens on every Wednesday night and weekends whenever there are workshops.

Advanced Leather Bound Journal (23 April)  is the first of the three workshops at DECK as part of the Steidl Exhibition in April and May.
Our instructor, Mariko Watanabe  (woman in red) was trained as a book and paper conservator
at West Dean College in Sessex, UK. Now based in Singapore, she continues to keep up
with her skills and passion by making books for friends, family and her own bookshelves.
readying our materials and tool.
punching holes with awl
Start stitching the first signature ...... 
Finish stitching.
Pairing the skin really needs some skills.
Wet the skin with water-soaked cotton gauze, wait for a while before
applying the glue.  Rice glue/paste was used  in this exercise.
After two layers of rice glue, paste the spine board and then
the cover boards with approx. 5mm apart.
The book cover is now ready.

The stitching part is different from the first English Case Binding I did on my own previously.  No linen sewing tapes were used then.

Making book on World Book Day is awesome.