Monday, April 25, 2016

Advanced Leather Bound Journal

Well, it has been a long wait.  The Thistle Bindery & Co has finally found a physical space to call its own for upcoming workshops, showcasing their bookbinding machines and gathering of passionate craftsmen and hobbyists to create more book-related crafts.

Though for the time being, it only opens on every Wednesday night and weekends whenever there are workshops.

Advanced Leather Bound Journal (23 April)  is the first of the three workshops at DECK as part of the Steidl Exhibition in April and May.
Our instructor, Mariko Watanabe  (woman in red) was trained as a book and paper conservator
at West Dean College in Sessex, UK. Now based in Singapore, she continues to keep up
with her skills and passion by making books for friends, family and her own bookshelves.
readying our materials and tool.
punching holes with awl
Start stitching the first signature ...... 
Finish stitching.
Pairing the skin really needs some skills.
Wet the skin with water-soaked cotton gauze, wait for a while before
applying the glue.  Rice glue/paste was used  in this exercise.
After two layers of rice glue, paste the spine board and then
the cover boards with approx. 5mm apart.
The book cover is now ready.

The stitching part is different from the first English Case Binding I did on my own previously.  No linen sewing tapes were used then.

Making book on World Book Day is awesome.

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