Monday, April 11, 2016

No Cure for ❤️

No Cure for Love is a standalone novel written by Peter Robinson and originally published in 1995. It has been re-released on the 20th Anniversary of its first publication, featuring a foreword by Michael Connelly who I like a lot and also the reason that I bought this book in the first place.

British actress, Sarah Broughton had gone to Hollywood as the girlfriend of a notorious rock star. After their breakup and a year of depression and addiction recovery , she got a role as a cop on a popular TV show. Now she is receiving few rather creepy letters from an anonymous M and real-life detective, Arvo Hughes, who works stalker cases in the LAPD Threat Management Unit, is assigned to the case. He suspects that Sarah isn’t telling him everything and that she knows the stalker. Although he believes there may be an element of danger, it is probably not immediate. But when Sarah stumbles upon a dismembered body on her morning jog and there is a heart pierced with an arrow in the sand near the site, Hughes knows that the stalker has upped the ante in his terrifying campaign to prove his love.

 Throughout the book the reader gets glimpses into what the stalker is up to and what he is thinking, and his behaviour is slowly escalating. It's quite an involving story even though a bit predictable given that it was written 20 years ago.  Still, an interesting read and much better than the similar book that I've read last week.


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