Monday, May 30, 2016

Link Stitch Binding

Is a revision for me.  Enjoy it nevertheless.

Some new faces today, which is good. ^-^
On display here are some collections of Ian.

A Day/Night Out

From 11am till 11pm .....

 Priority Queue.  Only saw it at Sengkang MRT thus far.  Does it work ? I'm wondering.  After settling my insurance thingy, headed straight to Kinokuniya Orchard.

At last, I get to try out this Vietnamese restaurant @ Plaza Singapore. Walked pass many many times but gave up due to the long queues. It was still quite packed even at 4pm.

Me and my incredible went to the Keong Saik Carnival event after dark.  Wow! Packed like sardines. Too bad, Potato Head was full house.

Enjoyed our dinner at P.S. Cafe @ Ann Siang Hill.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Here's to your HEALTH!

The packaging is so nice that I simply wanna buy and try. 
Verdict : very soothing and not too sweet.  I like.  Feeling healthier already.

Sunday, May 22, 2016


An afternoon of art, photography and food at the Deck's courtyard yesterday.

Been stressed out the past few days rushing a tedious job with over 50 images to clean up and to re-construct certain bad furnishings including carpet. Oh Mind. I certainly need to chill out a little.

So there I was to indulge myself in good food, coffee and lovely items.

There were Uncle G's Handmade crispy roast pork, NomadTheGallant's 100% arabian coffee, HuntersKitchenette's gourmet nut butters, Merely's hand craft ice-creams and otak-otak.

The crispy roast pork is superb. Yummmmmmmmy !!!

What I happily brought home.