Monday, May 9, 2016

Slinky Photo Book Workshop

This was the last of the three workshops at DECK as part of the Steidl Exhibition which will be ending soon.

To commemorate the event, we made our own Steidl-inspired Slinky Photo Book using the free posters as book cover and spine.

Ian, our instructor, was giving a brief introduction tour to the newcomers before we went ahead to choose the posters.  As for me, I was glad to re-visit and scan through the materials bit by bit.

Steidl's favourite binding clothes and front-end papers
are all coming from German companies.

During our workshop ......

Bookbinding is a serious business, U know.
One of the member simply squatted down to have a thoughtful
consideration to decide which part of the poster to use.
Precision is everything.
Especially the orientation and the folding of flaps.
We all made a few mistakes but rectifiable :)
XYZ for the spine

After workshop entertainment :-)

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