Monday, June 6, 2016


2-days event organised jointly by APS Lifestyle and DREAM.
They are welcoming us at the entrance of APS Building (Market1)

Look at his hair.  Later I've found out that he is the owner? of Straits Records at 24A Bali Lane, Kampong Glam.  Saw a vintage look turntable selling at $260 which is quite reasonable, and I am contemplating to get one myself one day.

Colourful Choux pastries by Ollella Cafe Singapore. My favourite is Lemon Meringue 😋

Chef Matteo Pertoldi of Atipico. Roasted duck sabayon in egg and the curry dumplings are delicious.

Left : So many types of salts offered by Salt Grammar.  The orange juice with chili salt and lime tea with celery salt are both surprisingly  refreshing.
Right : The Buah Keluak Ice Cream by Candlenut is made with 80% Valrhona chocolate and fresh Buah Keluak - on a bed of salted caramel, chocolate crumble and chilli specks, topped with warm milk chocolate espuma.  Yummyyyyyy
These are grilled pork and coconut pudding from Wrap and Roll Vietnamese restaurant.👍👍👍

There are many more good foods.  Unfortunately due to limited capacity of our bellies, we simply can't taste them all. Alas!

By the time we reached Market 2, we were too full to take any more.  Anyway, we bought some crackers and the famed roasted pork by Uncle G's Handmade for dinner.

These mini chairs are for my incredible's Gundam to sit.  How cute is it?

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